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Yes. Why did we keep silent for solo? Sister, Veronica openness, Bose one of only three women to address the Vatican summit on clergy sexual abuse. At one point opening bow appear to look towards pope Francis. And when she was calling for a policy of zero tolerance towards clergy who abused children North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN set off by train for Vietnam today for a second summit with US President Donald Trump it'll be Wednesday and Thursday North Korea's done little to denuclearize since the first summit between the two leaders North Korea's state media has yet to confirm either Kim's trip to Vietnam or his summit with President Trump. It could take him at least two and a half days to travel through China by trained, Vietnam. The preferred location for the summit right now. The government guest house, it's a colonial era building in central Hanoi. President Trump has nominated the US ambassador to Canada Kelly craft to serve as the next you embassador to the United Nations. CBS news foreign affairs analyst, Pamela Falk says. Crafts confirmation is probably going to be easy her qualifications appear to be well tailored to the position. Now, she has been embassador to Canada since October twenty seventeen but she already served at the UN as an alternate delegate during the George W Bush administration WCBS CBS news time three thirty six. According to a recent nationwide.

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