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Me today. So, uh, you could find more out at the whole purpose dot com and special thanks to Angela calendar. She is a real estate specialist who sponsors this segment. You can find out more about her. Calendar like Gallagher with a C calendar real estate dot com and check out some listings even just to dream. Thanks so much, my friend have a one. I know you're going to a wedding. Have a wonderful, wonderful day and I'll talk to you again soon. Thank you and happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Mom's by my friend by for report on Nielsen Vedra KF. I am 6 40. Now let's get the latest news. Now, with Andrew Caravella in the Cave I need computers have projected a 22 ton Chinese rocket that's been in orbit, and it will re enter the Earth's atmosphere between six and nine hour time Tonight, ABC, Zoran Shah says that where it will come down is still the big question. New data from the U. S. Space Force shows four possible orbits in play with a 75% chance it will land in the water remnants from the rocket are up to 100. FT. Long, Nothing. This heavy, has fallen back to Earth in more than 30 years. The rocket was launched last month as part of China's plan to build a new space station. Ah, homeless man has been shot by cops and Riverside. The shooting happened around 8 15 this morning outside a donut shop on Elizabeth Street. Police say the man walked away from them, then turned around, pulled a gun and pointed it at them. A gun was recovered at the scene. Officers were part of the department's public safety engagement team, and we're working alongside social workers and a code enforcement officer. R and B singer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Lloyd Price, has died. He died on Thursday. He was 88 Price scored his first number one hit in 1952 with Lottie Miss Claudie, which was.

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