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Bob Bowman so this accident and others like it are why the city's next budget has money to reconfigure streets to reduce reckless driving add the pedestrian warning lights and add additional traffic signals in some cases actually Meryl road ways to reduce speed he adds a plus is also needed to get people to stop driving recklessly in the first place resting over WTMJ news twenty one people in custody in brown county in connection with a string of home burglaries the sheriff's office says they happen in the town of lake view southeast of Green Bay in July and August the use tips and surveillance cameras to round up the sixteen to twenty year olds with the arrested over the past few weeks coming up you wear scams targeting veterans this better in this day WTMJ news I mean for Jim Griffin talks candidly was John Burke care to Jimmy didn't start out being the number one dealer statewide in a lot of your brands what does it take to be and stay number one in the car business well John you're not gonna believe this but I think most car dealers are a little bit competitive a little bit I have been competitive my whole life and you know you just do the right things and you come to work and you sell cars and you put yourself in position to win that title usually were right there in the running we want to earn your business and we work very hard to get that business how important is it that people leave and feel really good when they feel real good they're gonna tell other people if you drop the ball they're gonna tell twice as many people you have to take care of that customer visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy in Griffin help Milwaukee Griffin Ford Lincoln fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge jeep ram in Jefferson one.

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