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They meet they needed a mcdonald's because as a playground next to it so next time you're and tunnels look for that the the trade off meet off the highway you get the kids for the weekend so where where do you think the secret society met well listen the the people are people are joking about it on in on everywhere except really talk radio i'm surprised at the number of republicans who are kind of dismissing the stuff matt gets has a uh an interesting observation here that is the operative question are these texts really missing that's why tomorrow all be demanding to find out where the phones are what the operating system upgrades were when there was an original notice that there might have been missing information are the texts truly lost or does the inspector general have them that's what congress needs to find out immediately immediately because if they were deleted like half deleted they're going to be fully deleted by the time we get to this thing you even be scrubbed but no i don't think the techs are totally gone i think they exist somewhere but there's a reason to be suspicious when these texts were of interest to people at the fbi because presumably this guy stroke was reassigned because of his bias they found his texts because he was texting to his he he had an extramarital affair with this woman page and the texts showed bias enough so that he was reassigned from his job correct correct so the fbi had a reason to hold onto them you will come at the summit in print amount print out everything i'm covered with paper here every day for my radio show somebody didn't print dealt these texts that were of interest to his superiors and stick him the filingcabinet somewhere i don't believe it here's republican john ratcliffe again on fox.

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