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Dad dent. Do you get intros like that on any other shows? I think I need to start talking to Fox News about the their game a little bit. The bath get out there. Grado with that. He is just come out of the Fox News studios. He was on outnumbered. Follow him right now. He's a great man. We were in Singapore together for the president summit with little Kim rocket man, he's Daniel Hoffman DC Fox News contributor foam ahead of the Middle East department of the CIA. And as I said, former chief of station in Moscow, and now nominated to the president's intelligence advisory board, it doesn't get much more impressive than that. Dan, welcome to America. I it's been too long since we lost spoke at a lot of fun in Singapore. You've been commenting on what's going on in Iran for those of our listeners, we coast to coast, while the three hundred stations affiliates. I choose YouTube, you name it for those conservatives who listen to America, first and support the president who are worried. They think that, you know, the Neo cons have captured the president and his. Gonna be a wall. What would you say to them? And why, why is the deployment of the USS Lincoln such an important, not, not interventionist but important move by the commander in chief? This is gonna sound a little bit counterintuitive, but we needed to deliver a strong message to Iran, that we will respond to the threat that they are delivering to us on a daily basis. And we didn't do that we would be more with with attacks. If you look at what Iran has been doing, they are threatening if they don't receive we don't lighten up on the sanctions, they're saying that they're going to enrich uranium to weapons grade levels. They're threatening the Europeans collaboration on stemming the flow of migrants and legal drugs from the Middle East. And we also have credible intelligence that they are threatening us with kinetic action in the Persian Gulf and the region in the Middle East. And so we need to respond. It was reportedly meeting last week, led by secretary of defense Shanahan about sending a hundred twenty thousand troops to Iraq to the region eighth needed. And again the diploma. Permanent depends, I can tell you I served thirty years in the government, what they do is they used and you'll did you start when you're ten years old? You don't look at man, you wear it. Well need to know whether it was the CIA disguise department that helps you because you do not look like you. You work thirty years, but sorry carry on. My wife used to do a little bit of that work. And some people do think maybe she helped me out on the capital. Capital younger. Talented did woman. Yeah. The Iran have delivered very credible threats and what we have done in Greece said, look, this is our red line, start to build out your nuclear program, or you attack us with your property or in the Persian Gulf from the CD writing revolutionary guard. If could force, we're gonna respond, and it's going to be regime, suicide Irani, if you attack us. So that's what's going on. The administration has responded. Exactly right. We held heard their threats and made it clear that if they do anything to target our interest, we will respond, and in current until that's really the way stave off at tax, Nevada. We had, we started so seared, so strong attic, we would be more at risk, then you said, it's counter intuitive, but, but really for those who have any sense of history. This is this is America has done prior to Obama in office. The this the adage of walk softly, but carry a big stick. That's not new. And this is exactly what the president's doing. Scholey. I agree with you. And I think those who have criticized this strategy, our understanding it Kander lying, historical context the current threat, we face from this aronie and rogue regime theory state terrorism. They have malicious his bowl in Lebanon, but Lupis in in Yemen, and then countless. Malicious in Iraq skies, popular mobilization units. Serious business, and that's why we responded with very serious getting very credible policy statement, and I agree with you. It is very consistent with, with US national security strategy over the years. What why is this a threat to America? Explain to our list is what happens if Iran actually gets fissile material, or if it gets even more aggressive in the region from Yemen to, to even with regards to the threat to Israel, and everything else. Why should we care down your Hoffman? Already a major threat to our national security just based on their nefarious activities in the recent supporting those delicious here stabilizing force their targeting our allies, Israel, but Saudi Arabia rookies of launched missile strikes against eastern province in Saudi Arabia runnings of loss cyber attacks against the Saudis, their, their major revisionist revolutionary power. And they are thinking now, based on that became put that they've provided pets grade support to Syria trying to weaponize, Golan Heights threaten the Golan Heights in Israel from from Syria now using their forces, deployed in Syria. So they're a major threat to us at in nuclear weapons to the mix, that would only make run even more aggressive and even more dangerous. They're also a known collaborator they have worked with North Korea. And the conservative would have to have is that they would share that nuclear technology and potentially use nuclear weapons, even classical nuclear weapons against us or our allies. And so a lot of thing we want is for Ron to become a nuclear power. The last thing I would just say that they do you're looking at the rest of the Middle East hill. Concerned about Iran's nuclear status. It there's gonna be heightened in the part of the SUNY, Gulf states like Saudi Arabia, potentially the U aid have their own nuclear. That's the last thing we want. You've agreed to graciously stay with us for two segments. In the last minute, we have in this segment. What is, you know, who knows who's listening to this show? What is the right? Move, protect Ron to make now Daniel Hoffman. Well, they have upped the ante on in terms of, you know, confrontation, I mentioned all those threats and look, thanks to the ministrations maximum economic pressure. The Iran in Konami is in freefall, until president Ruhani is trying to do is to try to make the United States out to be the scapegoat for Iran zone failures. And I, he knows that don't citizens are looking at their corrupt regime, and thinking, maybe we want to change. I don't pay the Irani fifth, Irani and government doing anything that would really result in anything quote, that would normalize relations Medicaid hump. Pale made that twelve demands Irani the one of which was their nefarious activity in the Middle East will we, we have to we have to contain them. Clearly, we are talking to Daniel Hoffman.

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