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It's it's a leafy that would have been forbidden, but only forbidden smoking cigarettes would have been forbidden. Listening to music would have been forbidden and muscle molly's, like all that stuff. Yeah, no pirates in particular. But a cut addiction is also very detrimental in very expensive, but it's a little bit like chewing, I dunno, coca leaf or something. It gives you, it gives you a high and then it depresses you asleep and then you wake up and do it again. And you had to live in fear of a worse fate. The possibility of being sold to al-shabaab was that just an idle threat. Or where those transactions common between pirates and al-shabaab they weren't common. I think at first it was an idle threat, and I think the calculation changed a little bit when Islamic state's started to behind it, behead Americans Syria. So I heard about James Foley on the radio when it you know a day after he was killed. I happen to have a shortwave radio then. And my one of my guards came up to me and said, you know, James Foley said, I know I heard he said, well, that's not gonna happen to you. But as it happens from what I hear among al-shabaab members who wanted to turn towards IS normally they're affiliated with Al Qaeda, but there was a faction that was interested in sort of aligning with high s. my price went up so they knew that there is an American in Somalia. And conceivably, there was a faction of al-shabaab people who were suddenly willing to pay a little bit more for me. So that was actually, I wasn't aware of those details while I was a hostage. But that. Was suddenly a risk. And so if the ransom didn't come through, there was a possibility that these guys would have paid a pretty penny for you a possibility. It would be a media triumph for them to be able to behead you on telev-. Exactly. Then I would have been a prisoner. All of a sudden Sierra, instead of that's right. As weeks turned into months and even years. Did you ever begin to worry that they would just at some point, cut their losses and kill you? Yeah, sure. I, I mean, that's not normally how pirates work, but right, but after two or three years I was worried about, I mean, it was taking so long. I was worried that they were just gonna sell me to some other group. They were going to kill me by accident. So that does happen. How explain that? Oh, well, so the the ship that I was held on had been hijacked. I think in March two thousand twelve, I was captured a couple of months earlier when we finally wound up on board as prisoners, along with the rest of the crew. A month later the the first thing the crew told us was that the captain had been shot dead by pirates had been shot. He'd been shot dead by Pires, shooting wildly at the bridge. So it was an accident. He wasn't. He wasn't executed by prior to August shot by accident, and the happens. You have all these pirates sitting around with nothing to do all hopped up on Kat. Exactly. I mean, those things probably do happen glistening off in their hand, not not really very difficult..

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