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They were a little maybe like they work on. After the first one they said come on. You gotta get onto the dog. You gotta get another dog. It's just little kids. So I cannot drop a dog off in a place where you're not sure exactly where it is. And if hold on now, I gotta get into. I don't know. She didn't do that. She knows someone wanted the dog and hadn't been biting her kids and a husband, and she did not drop the shoe said the dog to Brandon. I'm listening to all your guys very close. But don't they have to sign a contract or something when they get a dog gone back to exactly. Impo? Here's what L VP then invited Kyle over for lunch where she paired giant glasses of Rosa with a hearty portion of teddy is guilty to take a look can went to Blissett. And then he said, I wanna see you phone, and I won't each printout wheel tax teddy classes says half the dog there, and I can sell it Sidra stone. There's no doubt that her hands aren't cleaning. This wasn't alone in this situation. That's absolute worst. I've never spoken to John blizzard. How did you know that teddy new Lisa called meet? How did you know that tiny new I didn't know at the time. Teddy Lisa's saying she'd never spoke with John lizard. But someone told us something because she quickly led her eat now who told you. Where'd you get information? Okay. W W H L dot TV to tell us who do you believe now teddy or L VP anything you want to say about that? Well, I saw those texts in their entirety. Teddy had showed them to me and your only. Seen part of those tax. So yeah, the parts that make teddy look guilty. So hopefully, we're gonna see the rest of those text messages. Okay. Looks like you guys are right now sixty nine. Ask us. We, of course, the polls going to be like of I have a question. The only thing is that. So if Lisa was saying that she was not privy to the situation at whatever level and teddy was saying she knew nothing about it. It feels like just in that situation alone. It feels like Teddy's, maybe manipulating the truth. I didn't know about it. She was told she was told to say something at banner pump. Don't she did say didn't know she ended up not going through with it because she's trying to figure out what was going on. And that's why she never told me. Anyway, we'll send a mystery always. Russia show always knew that Murray. CO is an amazing husband tonight. We learned the first straight guy. He's really good at making things curly. Well, here's what Kyle watch out because the previously undisputed has hottest househusband. Beverly Hills has some competition that guy has your number. Actually, he has a lot of numbers watch the only free day, we would be September eight numerology Infinity eight. What that's just September eight eight plus nine was what some. Oneplus seven. I know about how fine. I'm how are we going to do it? All the who they thought was the hottest househusband Aaron and Marie CO were neck and neck. So we're going to settle it once and for all of you, whol dot TV who's hotter. Aaron or Marie CO. I've open retail. Okay. You've from. I think they're both very handsome handsome. But I mean, come on. Did we find? He's so cute with the girls. And every means great. We have we've errands penis yet. Or is that I found out about it. I think that maybe. We may have to do this again. Okay. We'll Marie CO wins. This one sixty three percent. Tom redesign straight guys digs. But does he also have an eye for what designs gay guys dig? Here's what. We're gonna find out with Jack are hey ting, Tom. We pulled twenty-six gay dudes about their interior design preferences. It's your job to guess how they answered flooring. Makes you scream. Yes..

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