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Daniel fits she was a good witch deep down inside as we learned from the blow deck lady but we'll talk about that next on your place gravity i will put you in your fucking plate yeah fuck you newton so love you fig cookies out another product you know i love you know what i love doing it's a classic from childhood you get a fig newton you break it in a half and then you put it back together yeah and it's like look it's like an original cookie all by itself all my snack commentaries in southern accent today i'm going you're going crazy today with your fa i'm kinda worried about you now with your i'm starving i still hungry right now okay that's a lie okay then let's get back to the busted film chelsea calls and she thought how low this jail i love halo top ice cream i don't think they have that in charleston it's actually disgusting very liberal halo top it is sign of the gay agenda halo top it's it's how it's how it's how we as call each other highlight top high low bottom how high lonzo i lo top okay i'm sorry you were actually trying to be productive and move the spot guests along so catherine's been halo topping fig newton cheese puffs along for awhile just kidding okay so katherine katherine spin sat okay now we're laughing called on can just watch.

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