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Welcome to episode one hundred seventy five of our podcast where we review the trends and issues in instructional design educational technology and learning sciences that we observed as we flip resources into our flipboard magazine over the past two weeks in this episode. It's a little unusual. We normally have four trends that we talk about but due to The number of articles. We flipped we. Don't and abby. We'll we'll talk about that what we observed but we do have as we normally do four recommended readings that we will share with you In this episode saw abbey start us all by sharing where we are this over the past two weeks and what. We observed in sharing our four recommended readings. Thank you. that's you're right. I mean what we what we have in episode one. Seventy five is very similar a similar situation to what we had an episode one seventy three two episodes ago we have we normally in a normal episodes span of two weeks. We would normally collect thirty to forty stories on our flipboard magazine. Well in the last two weeks. We only flipped fourteen stories into the flipboard magazine. That happened in during episode. One seventy three as well that two week time span. We only had twelve or thirteen stories. So under the circumstances we don't really have anything specifically trending for top trends because we don't have enough to interpolate from. We suspect you. And i were talking about this just before we started recording. We suspect that in the last two weeks the focus of media attention has been on the pandemic vaccine news and of course Continued focused coverage on that aspect of of the world at this point along with that there has been renewed interest in the past two weeks in the presidential. Us presidential election coverage because of some of the disputes Or the Attempts to dispute the election outcome so with those kind of worldwide. Big attention news items. We suspect that People were doing a little bit less focused on instructional technology and on at probably everybody was doing a little bit less focusing on their sort of specific discipline so overall overall we did see kind of two. We won't call them trends. We'll just say that there were sort of some patterns We saw in the few stories that we looked at. We saw stories that about remote teaching and learning. We saw a story about the digital divide. We saw a story about creating and maintaining community among learners. We saw a story about promoting deep learning and these are all promoting deep learning. All of these things are among remote learners..

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