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I i see john kirkman on broadway on a phone and kinda like looking up in like docking into a start like crossed right in front i had a meeting i was late for couldn't linee address look nam lose not thinking of anything i think we had done a show together or something i knew that you were riding in new york or something like that so i text dog and i go i just saw jiang kirkman run into a starbucks on broadway and doug just rightback's that's new york baby text that like doug is like okay i thought it was so radical mike allows you observed i grabbed by but to bring alerts that you here again that set aside this whole thing then later on that night i end up at a party because edgar right was on dog show with us so than invited duggan ida his new york premiere of baby driver after party and then dog and i get to this party and jen kirkman as there and i didn't gas did at go right to decide and they asked me i wasn't cry like three any throughout you drops on sorry it's nothing then we we madden hung out of the roof there was a joint oh it does happen by black people them yet later in the city of like louise all bit it's like gods running out of extras as at his bid on an i got an ally in the in the movie that is your life lives while an extra seat ashley ashley i uh that guy auction thought at a great idea that's uh uh but here's are the show were shower too that we have great fans of who listen to show people townies who go out and find amazing story us that are great one harrowing razi and that said the redan we have not heard them aromatherapy jan we've not first iranian a immi in early read them.

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