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Radio we graf it up final few minutes here weei late night my name is act of putting things out as we always do at the midnight morons was started off with anthony scaramucci member him ten dr ten days white house coms director i do know that he has this media venture now our ben called these scaramucci post i did not know that well it's a strange out diving a website david twitter account scaramucci post has twenty six thousand followers and they've put on this crusade the last week or so putting up polls about the holocaust one of the polls was asking people how many jewish people died during the holocaust nate options like two million three million four million non i he does very strange and then another one how many jews were in germany at the start of world war 2 so just this series of holocaust tweets and when pressed about it eight scaramucci said he was doing it to raise awareness about the holocaust in to fight off the deniers which is just such a bizarre explanation i mean in a who's in house even a hotbutton issue how many jewish people died in the holocaust mean look at that's an any history buck so scaramucci post is firing off those bizarre bizarre pause well today scaramucci donated twenty five thousand dollars an apology donation they're calling it to these simon wiesenthal center i will go towards finding the efforts of its naasi hunter efraim zuroff i believe the name is sowa so i guess it turned into gutted they gave a 25000 dr donation to this to the center here this holocaust remembrance centre abida scaramucci such a desperate sad more i'm just trying to quash for any relevancy has left very very strange just i just i saw those polls no matter what is going on here i mean houses even a debate how many jewish people there is scare mature post how many jews were killed in the holocaust optioned a western one million option b between one and two million option three between through a three million option for more than five million i mean what you hire david duke to run your social media departments i just and in the.

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