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For. Fury to come off floor. Yeah. Come at the way he did and come back and win the rest of the round. You'd never had nobody that Tim before his life, i. No guarantee I believe he did it guaranteed never had nobody in his life to do him like testing period did that is like I? Think that's one of the greatest comebacks ever around without a question to have him flat like I thought it was over I remember watching at home what? The front of my bed going Oh twelve round stopped him in the twelve deontay two, hundred, nine pounds for that fi up which is crazy. Yeah I. Mean he about as light as anyone who's ever fought for the title and title Bene- title holder and then also you think about how many fights he won by K. Ko he won all his fights by K. always have one for there. Heard him though because he never had the box. So. Now, he don't know how to boxing go that way he owned. This week knows how to go this way. He never had learned box go that way, and that hurt him we met somebody that can fight going both ways. Gross way ties and. Like this second way. Part of what this straightforward yes. Well. Yeah. What would you? What advice would you give Deontay like if he came to you if he's listening this because I've I've heard that floyd is interested in training him. But if you came to you what what advice would you give to him? Well, we go back to learn how you our. Developing our left hand because once we developed a left hand, right? We, don't need that. Operate. With develop net left hand we developed a left hand make it become a weapon before the right here now it's hard to be the left hand we right to stop So how you would concentrate on lefty away right away how much time would you give him? If you said like if we have all the time in the world, it's up to you to pick when the next fight is. How much time would you like to see him spent working on something like that six months six months. Six months and nobody would beat him again. They have a hard time asking but it taking six. Would you want him would you want him to do with his foot work? One of the things about? Dante's he throws everything into his punches and sometimes, and that's what we change. Well on the left hand more on the left hand right now he don't think is a killer. He does Jacob. Looking at Kiel with the right we've got become do make him diverse. You got to be the left or the right, and you make everything used unit. Everything if human use everything of unit then is not good for him. So to focus on one punch can take everything out game that one were we going to do now? Now and his struggles with backing up and moving back what would you do with that? Would you have them concentrate angles? No. On Rye, we know how to fix it to but that's part of that chip right to how it used a left hand. They left hang on our to go every direction whenever we need to But the left hand is most important left hand and. Feet s defense. Now. Do you ever reach out to fighters fighter like that? Have a loss? No. Now off all our tried to reach out to woods. I. Forget the Guy's Norris will a nurse was about the fight logo because I knew it will be a good fight. In a I was going to reach out to him, but he has transferred any reach out to him, but I would if he would accept that because hard fight for him to fight and I know Leonardo is a good guy but he had a chance to win the fight but the way training to fight it took all of. It's it's interesting because you as A. Multiple Division world champion but also a commentator when you were doing it for Hbo you could point out little things right away. Yeah. Did you ever have fighters come you and thank you Thank me me what I told him told him. They need to get better at Timmy. I made him a better fighter that they listed county in southern mistakes that they were making. So often I can look at again, break them down right away. It's also got to be crazy for fighter to be fighting and I mean I know there's a giant amount of them that were huge Roy Jones junior fans, and now they're looking over you're talking about them while they're fighting that's gotta be a trip my Guy Andrew think it's Andrew Murphy and they ensure Andrew Last Navy but Andrew he always says they said I'm so amazed deal. I'm here taking instructions from you. Brian says it to soldiers they always? Happy, due to be. So I got another kid named mocked up Gaffe Mobile Alabama, and Waylon Wayland my next door neighbor fifteen years old. He's going to be a bengals tooth Oh but they love taking instruction from me and I enjoy solid. Well, it's obviously you enjoy in for them. That's first of all. It's an amazing honor for them but also it's got to be so motivational. Yeah you know I it is and I thank God for them to really see me still getting active at two one not like, wow, he still does it like that so. Now. We understand what you're saying because how can we be slower than him? He Fifty One We can't do it fast. So we got problems. Yes. y'All got major issues. Well, it's it's just beautiful to see how much energy. Enthusiasm you have, and that's that's really what life's all about right is it is by having energy being a positive force in the world and just helping the people you know if you do that, you're doing the right thing if you're not doing that in your almost wasting time. Why that God gives you life. You're not gonNA help next person. Beautiful I love it. Roy Jones, junior November twenty eighth. I'm going to be watching. I think I'm GonNa be their God. Allowed to go I just have to take a cova test and I could sit I really appreciate that would love you to be the. Youtube channel to soon. Hope you'll look I. Know what that is and I will promote that for. And I'd be bickering. Let's do it sir. Roy Jones junior.

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