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Is create a precedent that the Department of Justice can execute a search warrant against former president when alternative means to accomplish the same result would have been available. That was Texas Republican senator John cornyn, warning of the precedent set by the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago. On unrelated charges former White House Steve Bannon is set to face criminal charges in New York for allegedly misusing campaign finance. Russia wants to buy millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea to use in its war against Ukraine. U.S. officials say it's a sign that western sanctions on its military and financial system are starting to bite, deputy treasury secretary Wally says that Russia's economy faces years of hardship as a result of the measures taken by the U.S. and its allies over present Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Here's what he told Bloomberg television's balance of power with David Westin. The Russia's economy is in a great deal of pain because the sanctions that we've implemented with 30 other countries. And the pain is going to continue for years to come. And it's going to hit Russia's revenues and it's going to decrease those revenues over time. That's U.S. deputy treasury secretary walia jimo speaking to Bloomberg there. Okay, so those are a few of our top stories. Now, let's look ahead to the rest of the day and this week in both James Walcott is here, good morning. Good morning. It's a big day in Westminster Caroline. This trust is meeting her cabin at this morning and will face her first premises questions at mid day to day, but she isn't the only person getting a grilling in parliament. Andrew Bailey and a few others of the NPC note of the chief economist Hugh pell will be in front of the treasury select committee at 10 a.m. they're likely to be discussing the labor market and the select me said they'll also be asking about the prospect of threats to the independence of the Bank of England. So well worth tuning into that. One person will be talking to the city about on our show is city UK CEO Martha, at 8 20. In terms of eco data outside of the UK, Germany industrial production figures are out at 7 a.m. their estimated .6% down from the prior of .4 for the previous month in June and in the fed, it's a big day in the art UK afternoon for the first week as barking at 2 p.m. master at three on at 5 40 before the beige book is out at 7 o'clock. Okay, very interesting, James. Thank you so much. Yeah, I think it's going to be fascinating PMQs to see those personalities, Keir Starmer versus Liz truss. And yes, the treasury select committee. And Marcellus of the city UK, I mean, our financial service is going to be a bigger priority for Liz truss or not. I think that's a really important question. So tune into that 8 20 a.m.. So just about a couple of hours time. This is Bloomberg

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