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Nineteen one while supplies last predictions. That solutions apply. See store for details. Six traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by Chicago title and trust company years strength Ericsson. Some good news the outside of the Kennedy at the junction reopened at least the right lane right now, you can get by and between the area the junction about Lawrence. You've got just the right lane getting through but you're getting through now. So it's gonna take you about twenty four minutes to get out to here. Obviously slow from the junction to Lawrence pretty much Harlem, really some roadwork going on. And then you're free to go. The inbound side is slow from Harlem to Lawrence's well twenty three it's from O'Hare ten from the junction eight and express again lanes. Well, the right lane is open at the junction on the outbound. Kennedy again, Edens looks good at nineteen between lake cook. And the Kennedy junction. Now, the Eisenhower twenty nine three downtown sixteen for Mannheim. Backout is good at twenty nine three ninety as well fifty five in the Stevenson holding up. Well, the Dan Ryan cleary in outside. The main lines will be no k the express lanes though, you're pushed back into the locals at fifty nine. That's because of a crash the express in fifteen minutes from downtown to ninety seven the Bishop Ford are okay drive north and southbound no issues tristate Adams Reagan Veterans Memorial looking good as well as route fifty three and three ninety northwest, Indiana. Still quiet so eating before urea toll. I sixty five you will find some media told delays later anyway on and off between the West Point pas, both directions, the Indianapolis boulevard area that ongoing construction in place until the middle of this month. Get traffic whether together on the it's every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty five point nine FM the WBZ AccuWeather forecast. We've got mostly sunny skies today, a high of seventy three mostly cloudy skies tonight, a low of fifty three.

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