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We were not getting the kind of cooperation that apparently I accept what you said existed at one time. What we're getting was very clever ruse that we are cooperating and every way now to be sure the president and the first lady sat down for interviews and so they, they certainly got credit for that where we believe they both committed perjury. So they weren't forthcoming and honest. But here, here's the thing with respect to the most dramatic face Lewinsky face the president feigned cooperation saying he was cooperating, and yet we were trying to get him to be interviewed appear before the grand jury we sent and I- chronicle all this in the book five letters to council overtime week after week month after month. And finally, we issued a subpoena the first time we believe that a president is as was just. I was subpoenaed to testify as opposed to producing documents and only then did then David Kendall and the president relent. And we agreed to what then happened famously August seventeenth nineteen, ninety eight. So they're, they're, you're right, they're, they're certainly a very different style in your face kind of style. What was happening. They were essentially playing on two levels in the Clinton White House, essentially claiming cooperation and doing everything to obstruct are investigation. Do you believe if you mentioned the subpoena of Bill Clinton, which they ended up and involuntarily testifying. In this case, the president's legal team has made it very clear that if Bob Muller subpoenas, the president to sit down for an interview, they will fight that subpoena. Yeah, that were to happen. What do you think happens at the supreme court? Well, I think the fundamental principle is as we articulated during the Clinton investigation, and really what my entire book is about is the rule of law. I think no one is above the wall and so.

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