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Yeah all bits with some of the covers where he gets a little bit easier for jim i give it i am a big fan of some of these records i don't i don't quite have as much knowledge as you guys i do love this goes now you know i would say probably why by carly simon was probably my top three records of all time which is knowledge is bernard edwards bob what's interesting to me is the i've been talking to the guys at glitter box and defected there is a disco we are in the middle of discovery viable so all of these income bland or having a real moment again and dimitri from paris will i met him said there was a period for about three or four years where i just started cooking because dodgers wasn't getting booked and he's like i learnt about metaphorical sense hey really could make but actually cooking he likes to cook because he had gigs interestingly he said hearing ten sites colleagues to manage that side that brought him back and now he said he hasn't bookings haven't stop so there is a huge appetite for mfs bay and grace jones and vote again back to the vocals what people want focus on saturday night ministry of sound was votes with dimitri and i it's it's the the vibe in there was people on shoulders drag queens all of that stuff it's and that's great this is clearly for kids at the moment something that i really want to experience the residents of fifty four and for example i see a lot going on in east london where player record like madonna papa don't preach because if you're twenty at might be a record now that your mom played and they want they don't wanna hear you know they don't wanna hit you late they wanna head fun records the again we'll give them a moment partly because of the lushness and the kind of bc in the amazing of is that we're we've had like knock it on thirty years of minimalism from hip hop own was everything's been pared down kanye comes out with an ancient almost nothing all there are.

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