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From komo's Jeff Pohjola. Would sound transit three past many drivers were shocked at the increase in tab fees. It turns out the measure changed the way those fees were calculated. But the Bill wasn't clear on that unconstitutional. According to attorney Joe lard can't let the legislature get away with changing the rights and responsibilities as citizens without actually pointing those citizens to look right here. This is what we're doing to you. And this is why in a statement sound transit, though, says the measure was properly adopted and the higher fees are in fact, constitutional appears cow. Judge could rule today. But that's likely not to be the last word on the case. As appeals are expected to the state supreme court. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. Twenty four seven news. The news you want when you want it on KOMO news. Michael preston. Komo sports. Now an update from the KOMO sports desk. The defending Super Bowl champion eagles opening their season at home last night against the falcons in game. One of the NFL season. Eagles win it eighteen to twelve five thousand two hundred eighty feet above sea level. That's where the Seahawks will open their two thousand eighteen season in eighty seven degree weather a road trip in Denver to start the year on Sunday, Oregon state baseball coach Pat, Casey has retired after twenty four seasons at the helm in Corvallis. And the huskies opened the season across the country in Atlanta last week Saturday, they'll enjoy the friendly surroundings of a home game as they welcome North Dakota montlake, you can hear all the action here on KOMO radio. Pre game at nine kickoff at two art Sanders. Bet your home of the huskies, KOMO news. Hey, home, a wedding is a beautiful thing as long as it doesn't fall on a Saturday during college football season. Those Saturdays are reserved for the union of two rivals a celebration of fans coming together to trash talk one another at Buffalo Wild Wings. We believe that a wedding planner needs to own football calendar and our bars are full of beer drinking eating fans agree with us unless you're secretly trying to cut down your guest.

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