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Internet with a gig in experience better? Visit us down dot com. Ten 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, bob inler and the WTO traffic center. Well, Maryland two 70 northbound still slow at her banner but the crash afterward 80 is now out of the roadway the travel lanes are now open. She would find if anything is left there should be on the right shoulder now. On 95 on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, you're good to go 200 eastbound around shady grove road single left lane gets past the works on. In the district, they are working both ways on D.C. two 95 tonight, southbound near Burroughs avenue, northbound near Pennsylvania avenue should be getting my single file, especially north on its very slow getting past the one after Pennsylvania avenue. And south capitol street is still closed at this hour. South of M street near Nats park from there to the other side of the Frederick Douglas bridge near anacostia park, the bridge is closed both ways to traffic, has been for the past 12 hours or so because of the protests going on at the bridge. Now, in Virginia, it is road work tonight. Westbound on 66 at the beltway single left lane is getting past the works on and then very slowly getting by the work zone single file to the right. After one 23 and again in manassas after Sunday road, anytime on three 95 north, left lane is closed, passing the GW park while you can make that left exit, but then continuing on to the 14th street bridge with the works on. Bob mentioned traffic. Storm team fours Mike stenner. Patchy fog after midnight lows in the 60s to lower 70s, Saturday some morning fog that will break out the sunshine, look for

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