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Who do we have we ever next core? Hi, my name is Rachel I'm calling from the upper east side. And I just had my first child a couple of months ago and was interested in mommy makeover. Okay. Yeah. So how old the baby two months? All right. What's the name? The name is scarlet scarlet alright, JoAnne. Okay. So I'm sure it's not squirrel. Did you name it after Scarlata her after scrotal Hanson? He just picked it. You know, what a lot of people say that. I look like her. So you do look a little bit about you sent the picture in of of your face in your body. And you definitely look a little bit like her. All right. So the question about the mommy makeover is very simple. What we do here agree. Burkhas back surgery. We combine the breasts along with the belly unusually some liposuction. So sometimes people get a little bit droopy or a little bit deflated after having a kid, and what we do is either we can put a little implant in or do a lift at the same time. Or combine that we all doctrinaire combined are mommy makeover with a tummy tuck Tubby-talk, I think is really essential especially because after having that child the muscles of the belly of stretched. So even though, you know, everything is great. And you settle out those muscles never come back to the middle. So we do is we core set. Those muscles would make them. Nice and tight and strong, the six pack. Muscles. We give her that extra skin below the belly button and tighten everything up. Do some liposuction on the sides to bring that waste back in. It really is a game changer yet for sure it is. So we can tune up your whole body. Get you back to the way used to be now, the new modern, mommy makeover here Greenberg. Cosmetic surgery has completely revolutionized the way we do modern. Mommy makeover, and Sarah, the combination now in the new modern, mommy makeover is what? So the newest technology that we're doing is badge rejuvenation. And I love this technology at helps to tighten vaginal canal, the vaginal wall, it helps to decrease laxity helps increase lubrication and urinary incontinence. Which a lot of women have problems with after pregnancy because they're stretching out there canal. Okay. Well, let's just a little bit. I know this is she's the Queen washing executives say, all right? So what we do with the modern, mommy makeover. And Sarah is the one who does all the vaginal stuff. In our office all day long. And what she does is you use laser it tightens up the vaginal canal. It's good for incontinence. As good for sex is good for all these sort of different things. And a lot of time. Sarah, you're combine this with the labia, plastic, right? Yes. So Dr Nick, and I will work on the vaginal rejuvenation, and then we'll also move onto doing a libra plastic, which Dr Nick loves to do these and women are embarrassed about you know, what's going on down there. Sometimes they have some extra skin sometimes it irritates them. It bothers gets in the way with intercourse. I lot of problems and women get embarrassed about it. So we're here to help both the outside and the inside. I think it's really like astounding how common this is. And the culture change, you can kind of see that culture. Evolve. As we speak because people coming in now and more women are saying, you know, what I want the modern, mommy makeover. I want you to focus on ever below my belt. It took. A such a toll on my body. And I wanted to bring that back. So what Sarah does she tied into the inside with our lasers and our machines. And what I do is. I tied the outside with small simple procedure the downtime is minimal people are back to their lives very quickly. And it is such a big difference. It's it's unbelievable. How much of a difference you can make with just a forty five minute procedure. This sounds super intimidating. I'm not gonna lie as a girl myself. I mean scary if anyone working down there, I can't tell you how quick the recovery rates on. I mean, it's shocking. It really is women come back a few days later, and they had no problems a dental issue. Like, they're like break dancing in the hallway. And they're hugging you, which is an amazing. Yes. So the the vaginal rejuvenation along with the modern, mommy makeover the whole package, we can get your belly together. Back to the way it used to be. We can get your breast back delays to be a lot of people skin changes Greenberg. Cosmetic surgery. We can also kind of get the skin. Back to the way it used to be as well. Does that answer your question for you? Yes. Very thoroughly. All right. Really? Appreciate it. Come in. Yeah. Come on down for a complimentary consultation. If you call the office at two one two three one nine four nine nine nine will be happy to see you and take care of whatever you need, a doctor Greenberg mentioned, you know, we get emails a pictures. We get tons of Instagram photos people send selfish like what do you do you do this? And do you do that so business are Instagram's tell us what you think it's Dr Steven t Greenberg, and Dr J, Nick, plastic surgery. All right. Thanks for the call. Thank you. All right. We're gonna take another phone call. If you want to reach us two one two three one nine four nine nine nine to one two three one nine four nine nine nine will lead to take your call right here in the air or we will see you for a complimentary consultation. Who do we have on the phone? Hi, my name is Libya, and I'm calling from Woodbury high Livia Libya. What questions do you have for us? I was calling to find out what you have that would help with. Cellulite on the legs. That's a great question. Olivia. We get that question all the time in our offices. And it is now simple to treat a used to be so difficult. So Dr Nick, why don't you tell Livia the ways here at Greenberg cosmetic surgery, we treat. Well, let me tell you. It's a great question is mentioned, it's so common beach bodies coming out. It wasn't to be kind of exposing their bodies. But they're afraid to cause the cellulite. So what do we do? We have several things if people have those deep deep divots or those deep craters in their body in their thighs in their inner thigh area. We could use something called sell FINA. So the device that will help us cut those bands and release those polling sort of craters and smooth out the skin appearance on top of that. We also called cellular. So is the laser that we put underneath the skin and we buy laser cut all those little bands that cause cellulite to almost move out skin. It's almost like ironing a wrinkle tablecloth it is so cool to watch this live. It's on our Instagram's we do liposuction and lease at the same time, and you can come to see the results change right before is. Yeah. I like doing the combination. I like combining the liposuction with as and even the J plasma see you say, you take out the fat you sculptor legs. You. Remove the Cy let you cut all those bands. And then you tighten the skin at the same time. And a lot of patients are choosing to do all three to get the best result. Liberty does that answer? Your question any other questions for us? Now, I think that was pretty thorough. Thank you. All right. Come on down for a complimentary Costa. She live in Woodbury offices, close by we have offices, Manhattan, Woodbury and Southampton. Just go ahead and call two one two three one nine four nine nine nine, and we'll be happy to fit you in for a complimentary consultation. We're going to take a short break right here on nip tuck Saturday, this is Dr Steven Greenberg along with Dr germ, Nick and Sarah. We come back. We're gonna tell you one thing that you give up is going to change your life forever. Dr. Nick, you need to do this. I'm going to tell you your life. This is Dr Steven Greenberg. We'll be right back here on a nip tuck Saturday.

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