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Have rich hutter in the WTO traffic center All right we'll start you off in southeast Washington the intersection of suitland Parkway and Staten road you may find yourself stop now on boat directions with response on scene Again does not appear to be serious but for the moment especially on the inbound side at that seems to be affected the most So just be careful if you're coming into the district via suitland Parkway you may want to reconsider your options at least initially this morning Now elsewhere if you're traveling on a belt bay in Maryland through Montgomery and prince George's counties it's quiet but 95 the Baltimore Washington park being good shape getting down to the capitol ballet north down Parkway still working up near I one 95 again single file left past the works and as of late just a brief tap of the brakes work also continues in Howard county 70 eastbound just east of U.S. 40 exit 82 single left link to the work shown Shout down to 70 as you head south toward route 80 urban X of 26 your mom marker 27 year down to a single right lane to work some but beyond that nothing else in your way getting down to the split and then beyond the split to both loops of the beltway still in good shape so far Over in woodbridge telegraph road remains closed at south the mini vil road for the crash involving one overturned Over in hillsborough and loudoun county route 9 remains shut down between cider mill rugged stony point road where they're replacing a down pole wires that were damaged by an incident that occurred late last night If you're traveling on 95 and three 95 from Fredericksburg two and across the 14th street bridge for now nothing in your way you do have the express lanes available on both 95 and three 95 to northbound commuters Rich hunter WTO traffic New workweek here's your forecast from storm team four samar Theodore Well we are kicking off this week with a bit of clouds to start but a lot more sunshine to finish.

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