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We'll talk soon. Always a pleasure. I e to have a good day aerial there. She is cats and Ghana stopping by predate as I said, her candor as always and hope that she has a speedy recovery. Very scary. The I one of the most important portent parts of our body as you can tell from what she was just saying you run, you know, you think oh, you know, I can lift weights. I can run on the treadmill. I could do whatever I want even though I'm, you know, nursing an injured I Indian you can't could you imagine with an injured. I like that you're running up and down that must just must seem like the worst thing in the world to go through. Unbelievable. So I wish you the best. Okay. Let us move along. February seventeenth is the first main card on ESPN headliner. Cain Velasquez vs Francis. Gano the long away. Needed much anticipated return of the former UFC heavyweight champion, my friend, and yours. L comp Yonne Cain Velasquez. He joins us now on the phone Kane. How are you? I'm doing great longtime. No speak. Welcome back. Thank you. We miss you. And everyone just exploded when they found out that you are coming back. I guess the first question that everyone wants to know why were you out for so long? Controversy of last can pull that comma the fight versus. He'll. Injuries. I made a fan of pity about out say close six months kinda get you know, over the injuries and get everything. Nice and tidy up and get healthy. And then in the process that extended family, so I really wanted to be there for the first for their from wife's also the whole first year of you know, of my child's life. So you never do. That was amazing. I wasn't able to do that as much as I wanted to go with our daughter. So it was just a big point for me to do it. You know for for my child this time, and I could do it. You know? So so it was good. Congratulations. You had a boy, right? Thank yes. Yes. That's amazing. So future wrestler, you're going to push him into wrestling like the did with his son. I don't think any push them. It's just going to happen. Oh, man. I mean, he just she's just all boys, you know. And. He's he's crazy nuts. All things that boys. Do it's what he does. So I don't see me having a push them in there this. I I would say the most part thing is that's the find something that I think he would enjoy you know, and and slowly like put him in a different sports, and you see what he likes? So there was never any point throughout all this because I feel like there was some whispers here. And there that you might never come back that you might never fight again was ever point where you thought that you might never fight again. There was that. I think I love is too much. You know, I love the train to work out. Yeah. And if I if I don't get to do it, then they're not hard. You know, that's hard for me. So if I could, you know, physically, which they can, you know, all this is the reason while I'm back. So I just love to do it. And how are you feeling right now? Appealing in camp. Full swing now doing everything the body feels good, you know. So I feel great. That's great coming up to the side. I know I don't Francis. I don't understand it. And I know how dangerous he is especially you know on feet. And so I feel good going to this fight. I know there's there's things that I gotta do go out there and win this five, and you know, when they. In a integrate fast. I wanna do it. And so it's woken hardman, and, you know, Trump with ours in speaking of which you know, we always kinda called you cardio..

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