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I mean, he's since I I can't say that enough. I'm a Mets fan broken. That's fine. And I have been watching all their games closely. This guy's brilliant. I mean, I've watched his whole career. I mean, I see what you did with the Cavs. Obviously. Uh, And then everything. He's brilliant on the court, but it's certainly frustrating that it seems like they're whether this one is justified or not, or or people understand his reasoning or not. It seems like there is a Every several weeks. There is some sort of Incident or situation with him on, you know, like there's a How do I say this artfully without? You know, again? Ah, I don't want to, um, speculate too much on on anybody's individual status or state of mind or anything, but it does seem as if there are Swings. And in Kyrie, where he can be Very, very forthcoming and engaging and sharpened and all the stuff, he says on Bleich, a ble and then he could be so. Isolated and short. And You know? Call people pawns on in these instagram message is like it seems that could be highs and lows. Um, and that has been a bit of a pattern. With with Kyrie. Let's go Toe Alan in Toronto. Alan, You're up next here on CBS Sports Radio. What's up? Longtime Steelers fan, you know, goes way back to the days of Brad's John Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier. Every finger is pointing Trustee Orange victory, and the game is in the Steelers house to the Browns during a 17 game losing streak of Heinz defense. He's on the sideline and Soza job. Antonio and The Steelers are adept at creating and it's turnovers. Mayfield was sacked four times last week with that with two best passwords. You on the sidelines and big Ben will be fresh. The stories don't really shame on them that they'll be fired up. They want to get paid back for last week. So it Z. I'm looking forward to it, and they just have to look when you say. Right? I think something just absolutely got play Good. They have to put the brakes on chub Lynn Hunter. That's where the Bronx have them on the ground game. That's it. That's the only thing that they have the mind. But the Browns are going to be. You know, it's a shame that the first time there Gonna play offs in 18 years and I'm sorry to have to spoil the Browns reams of victory, but it looks like Steelers all the way and I'm looking forward to it because I just think he's drinking. Hey, Alan. I'm not picking it against the Steelers. That's for sure. Not just because the Browns coach is out, but the red is the Browns first playoff appearance and 18 years. It's really well when you think about 18 years. I was. I guess I'm old now. I was going to say I was only I was 21 18 years ago. Uh, so I guess I was older than you. Do you think I was in college, though. The last time the Browns made a play, I don't even remember. I can't remember the Browns being a playoff game. No, I can't. I can't even like if I'm trying to like picture a Browns playoff game. I can't think Think of one Is there one I'm missing? And maybe I'm being like, try. I just can't think of a time I watched the Browns in the playoffs. It doesn't mean that I don't remember a memorable Cleveland Browns performance in my entire life. Not one. Not one significant, like stand out Cleveland browns performance or moment or game that like, Oh, yeah, I remember where I was when I saw the Browns to do this. Um, let's go to David and Green Bay. David, you're up next here on CBS Sports Radio. Very good morning, Robin. Happy New Year, Um I want to go back to the Shawn Watson. If you might And well, first Let me make the comment. I don't know why in the world this is a topic. I can't even believe that Texans would even consider Tweeting to Sean watching, but let's just play the game and for conversation. Let's make the point. You had you'd asked somebody else while back who would be interested anybody would be interested in to Shawn Watson. But who would have a collateral position that would bring something to the table where the Texans would even accept such a thing? In this regard. I wanna I wanna throw this out. If you wouldn't mind to Anthony. I know he's a Jets guy and Donald's, uh, coming up on a big position with the team there. By the young man's got skills. We won't go into the Jets history, but I don't think you ever really had a chance. I just throw it out. The both of you it. Let's just say that the Jets would offer their number one pick. And Donald To the Texans for this John Watson. What would you guys think about that? Would you think that's an acceptable trade? Um, I'm working. I'll listen. Have a great day. You guys love the show. Take care. It's not enough. I think it's the start. I think the number two pick and Donald is the start of a reasonable trade package. I think you have to add more draft picks to it, Anthony, You wanted your opinion, I would say this just because I know people say Donald hasn't been in the best situation and that's true. But I just haven't seen enough from sand. Donald W. Oh, yeah, I haven't seen enough either. And again, Um You know, we talked about Watson all morning. And you know, he had his best receiver taken away from him. Who did he have? And he still put up crazy numbers and yes, I know. You know, Donald has had nobody around him. But I mean, we haven't even seen Donald even come close to putting up any of those type of numbers, So I'm personally ready to move on from Donald. I agree. You're gonna have to add some other draft picks in that scenario, but without a doubt, I mean, I would definitely be willing to give up the number two picks for Watson because I've seen Watson..

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