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They still keep in touch. And then all of a sudden I didn't know where Michael Cole sends me a text and he's like, hey, Pat. This is Michael Cole from WW. Don't know if you know me. I'm like, yeah, fuck and no, you Michael goal. This is I screen shot at an internet picture of him. I Google image at screen shot. I sent it this, Michael Cole. He was like, yeah, that's me. I was like terrible soup, but I know who you are. I know who you are and he's just been the coolest guy. Amazing, isn't he Corey graves said earlier, and I'm happy it happened. But Michael Cole is the coolest guy of all time when I retired. CBS said no to me because they didn't like that. I talked to adults about adult stuff right? NFL network. Everybody said no, to me Barsha was the only people that picked me up so like, yeah, varsity going people to let me do it. So Michael Cole, though, Michael Cole being like, yeah, man, like we would love to have you and I'm like, art. I actually are you sure? He's like, yeah, you just can't swear. Unlike I will try and I started a swear jar from my first annex t thing. I raised thirteen thousand dollars. Thirteen thousand dollars. I mean, usually a swear jar is like seven dollars dollar. We remodeled a guy's house in Indiana. That's true story. That's amazing. That's amazing. So Michael Cole has just been the absolute man and now I'm here and it's really awesome. Now have you at all settled in because I spent a lot of time with you, especially wrestlemainia weekend. Is your first weekend? What does the bread? Right? That's Gobert what I was going to say right over my goddamn head, we go into catering. I show you where catering it's my first time and you go, you go Sam. Gobert behind us Gobert here. Sam. He's right behind pissed off like he always. Just Goldberg rate here, but like you're going into the whole family. Right? And you're going good. Congratulations. You know. No, no pissed off does any where the goddamn bread is right behind our house exam. I don't think I'm supposed to be your Turkey sandwich. I'm gonna get on my way. Catering though is a beautiful thing. It's amazing. Oh my God, it's amazing. It's real. It was legit. Yeah, lots of all of what you can eat. Sam eats lucky charms. I have rich. Mild, but not until after the show every time after every show my cereal, it's really cute. That's what I like to do. That's my ritual. That's why I like to do. I, you know, I sometimes don't eat as much as I should before the show because I don't do that. And then after the show I go and I have my lucky charms and then go about tonight, go about the evening. Sam is the greatest coast and the history of the world. Oh, come on. And when I say that, I mean, oh, come on, I I've heard nothing but horror stories about the WWE my entire life from like jaded jaded rustler's. They're like all. They'll kill you in there. Like everybody's out to screw everybody like you got absolutely no chance of there. So I, I, I'm going in there and wrestlemainia was like, well, none. None of these people are going to be my friend, but I'm going to have a good time here. At least I'm just going to have a laugh here to see what happens. And then Sam Roberts is the guy that I'm teamed up with. Obviously with Charlie Caruso doesn't incredible job in Sam, Sam, just like, whoa. Walk next to me the entire time he tied my tie for me. He was like every like literally, I can't tie tie by the way that's that's roughing. I gotta tell you something that a lot of people think I'm just some asshole. You really ruining my credibility. They're gonna nine out and I would bring things up during the day, like just an open conversation and then we would get to the show. And I would forget to say it in Sam with like cut off Charlie and like ask a question like, hey, dumbest, you remember what you said about, blah, blah, blah. That's basically what he was saying. The question in my head, I'm like, oh my God. Yeah, I forgot Alastair black this week..

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