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Tony Cats in the 93 W II be seen Moesha. What happens if you threw a race and nobody showed up? We're about to find out. Because the races going on without fans Tony Katz, 93 w IBC. Good Morning, Doug Bowls will be with us in the eight o'clock hour. He's the president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I want to know about the business side of things. Certainly I want to know if there were any pressures. From the outside. But How does how does this affect Now this effect racing. How does this affect the speedway that we already know that the town of speedway Of course, they're going to be effect. It's going to be harsh. This is they have planning that they do. There is money that comes in. And now more than ever wanting those people makes perfect sense. This is rough stuff. Tony Katz 93 WNBC. Good morning, so good to be with you. Fine. I am. I am worried about Speedway. I am absolutely worried about Speedway. I'm worried about what happens. To them. What happens for them? And whether you know what What are we going, Tio? How about Speedway did absolutely nothing and nothing wrong. There were some primaries yesterday was shed its leaves, winning hers with 66%. Love the vote. It was much tighter. When it was they were running two years ago. Incumbency definitely does matter. Almost almost 30,000 votes for proceeded to leave 14 9 for her challenger. Unfortunately, she'll be coming back. Ilhan Omar's primary takes place next week and then you had Barack Obama. Given some Ah, giving some endorsements, giving some endorsements. And who got left out? Representative Cossio Cortez. Obama endorsed six New Yorkers running for House seats. Yet representative Acosta Cortez was not one of them. She isn't worried. I think she feels she's like in a very, very good position. She's getting people to win primaries. She's going to get people elected. She's going to build the COBOL and she understands. That That what you what you don't do is apologize. People follow your following you because you are. You are hard edged, right? Absolutely positively hard edged that you You are this true believer? Now. The beauty of how Cassie Cortez does things is that it's based on the idea that because she says it, it matters right. She believes that she is moral and decent and good when of course. She is none of these things. I mean, she's she's not moral. It's it's It's laughable. She could say it. What does it matter what she says? It's so silly. You know, the green new deal is not moral. Talk to tell all the kids whose parents that you're going to put out of work and how they're going to eat. Go on, Tell them. Oh, you've got to use their words, in their parlance in order to get them to understand anything. I mean, she accosted. Cortez is anti child. She's anti family. She's answered she she's pro hunger. That's why if you support the green new deal, that's what you are, so I don't know why she's pro hunger. I don't know why she wants kids to go hungry, but she believes she's moral likes to put it out there that she's moral, and that's why I opposed. For example, people like Congressman Ted Yoho going up to her on the steps of the Capitol, calling her names. There's no wind. Do it on the house floor. And call her anti and call her anti child in pro hunger right there on the floor. She's doing an interview where she's lying about the green new deal. Rightly and give you say that's despicable. Just walked right into the interview. That is despicable. I can't believe you're so anti child. Ah, America should just be disgusted by that and walk away. See what she does. I'm telling you how to fight. You could trust me. O r. Not On DH to the news organizations that keep following Claudia Conway, who is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway and George Conway, stop She's 15. Is a stop it I'm not going to say what she said. This is madness. She's a kid. Leave her be. Don't listen to her. Don't get involved in the fight she's having with her parents. Obviously hammer.

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