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Today to three years in prison for a mix of crimes, including coordinating the payment of hush money to to women which he says Trump requested ABC. Stephanie Ramos has reaction from Capitol Hill, the reaction to President Trump's former lawyers prison sentence came swiftly democratic Representative. Adam Schiff tweeting Michael Cohen made the right decision to cooperate with the special counsel's office. His sentencing today demonstrates that. Nobody is above the law. Not the personal lawyer to the president or the president himself end, quote democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal. Also chiming in tweeting significant sentence for Cohen recognizes that his crime was serious and sophisticated showing Trump's was to as unindicted co-conspirator ABC. News legal analyst, Royal Oakes. Says it could have been much worse for Cohen Michael Cohen may not feel great today. But it appears he's dodging a bullet. If you added up all of the potential. Prison time on the charges against him Europe around seventy years, and so by cutting a deal, certainly this has to be a great day for him in that sense scheduled to report to prison on March sixth the US attorney's office in New York says it won't prosecute the national enquirers parent company over its efforts to suppress an embarrassing story about Donald Trump during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign. The agreement was announced this afternoon shortly after Cohen was sentenced today could prove to be pivotal for members of congress who wanna rebuke Saudi Arabia for it's murder of journalist Jamal kashogi. Here's ABC's alley Rogan. The Senate is likely to vote this week on a resolution to stop US support for Saudi Arabia in its proxy war against Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen. Separately, the Senate Foreign Relations committee is expected to consider a Bill that would directly sanctioned Saudi officials involved in the kashogi murder and a binding resolution criticizing crown prince Mohammad bin Salman for his involvement. Twenty nine thousand pounds of Jimmy dean breakfast sausage, being recalled because it may have something not so appetizing in it, here's ABC's Alec stone. The USDA reports a small number of consumers have complained of metal pieces found in their Jimmy dean, heat and serve sausage links. The impacted links were made with pork in Turkey and have a used by date of January thirty first the USDA says they need to be thrown away. A legislative study says Virginia does a poor.

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