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I didn't see what he said about. He said he's good. Did he? He good as long as he gave them a good. So sums up gave him. He gave him the Jacksonville, teal, blue checkmark. He gave him that he's giving who when people. He might have said, Tom Brady doesn't sucker. Tom doesn't suck. Yeah. So I mean, definitely entertaining. That was the point, I guess, so. Okay. Did his purpose was they did? It was supposed to do Bobby Wagner. Siato Seattle Seahawks linebacker. And should be in gentlemen's quarterly right here on the rich Eisen show who's running the football for you this year. Bobby. Can you give me an idea on that? I don't know. I don't know. You know, I think definitely Chris Carson is. It's been very, very impressive. You know size going out with injury for a while, but you know, Chris Carson is impressed me, you know, since since he's got back from his injury. So that's what I would assume, but it's not, you know, my my side of the boss. I let that, no, I know I'm just, I'm you. You don't ever peak over there to see what's going on to see how things are progressing on that side line protection wise certainly for Russell Wilson, etc. Definitely because you know, get some, you know, every single day. So you definitely see improvements in line. You know, like I said, you see, you know the different, you know, 'cause Carson runs the ball. He just, you know, he stands out to me. You know, every time you watch fam- you know whether it's him, I don't I know. don't know out of the backfield or the ball, he stands out. So you know, I feel like we kinda got a glimpse of that last year. Fortunately, he got hurt so excited to see how that looks sixteen games. But I mean he looks really strong and he looks like he's on a mission. Few more minutes left here with the man who's made the last four pro bowlers four pro bowls entering seven season in the NFL. Bobby Wagner. So. Sure. Marco, Thomas is the first player in the National Football League to get jetted under the new helmet rule. He went ahead and he crushed DJ more on your team that looked like exactly the type of play that the NFL is trying to get out of the game..

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