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31 of 32 NFL teams have had a quarterback 30 touchdown passes in a given season. Then there are the Bears, who's single season passing touchdown record is 29. Normally when a quarterback holds a franchise record for 20, plus years, the markets set by a legend, someone like burrito still holds. The Dolphins touched on record, but with the Bears the record belongs to your guy, Erik Kramer. An undrafted journeyman who played Only two full seasons as an NFL starter. How about that? So, but he's fifth on the list, and David Dave Craig is six. So that's bullshit. Wow, really, between five and six. Yeah, that's a that's a steep. That's a steep cliff right there. Chris Chandler is eight. You know? Can you barely remember Christian? Oh, there. I mean, I do. But barely. He played in 2000 and three while waiting Grossman to develop that led to one of the most washed Washed up quarterback battles ever. Chicago going seven and nine. Chris Chandler is a thon this list which is pretty much all you need to know about the Bears. History of quarterbacks. 3123323776. We'll get back into baseball, but, uh, you know, after this break if you want to jump in and give us the name of a quarterback that you barely remember will find him on this list. Because I think this is fascinating. We've already heard some names. That we barely remember. We'd love to get your input 3123323776 and again, we'll get back to baseball. 12 30 start time for the pregame show with Conner McKnight leading into socks and Kansas City Royals. Afternoon game from Kauffman Stadium. It's Dylan cease, taking the hill for the Chicago White Sox on your home for the Chicago White Sox, ESPN 1000. It's Hanley and Xander. We'll be back in a bit. ESPN 1000 Chicago's home for Sports. Carmen and your girl. I asked a simple question. If Carmen's gonna put it on the Web fall who won? I.

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