Congressman John Conyers, Congress, Donald Trump discussed on Morning Edition


Of his as well as some some women who who worked on saturday night live put out statements of support uh but this is there are also people on the left who are starting to say well maybe senator franken should think about resigning your segments of women are so great to work with another these two allegations to the allegation against congressman john conyers democrat of michigan yes so last night buzzfeed reported that democrat john conyers settled a wrongful dismissal complain in 2015 with a former employee who alleged that she was fired because she would not succumb to his sexual advances the article also describes conyers making repeated unwanted sexual advances to female staffers and people broadly did not know this because it was a private settlement right and and that's what has been happening out very much of what happened in congress has happened very quietly with private settlements the buzzfeed article has documents that show that that this staffer who left was brought back on as a temporary employee should naturally come back to work but her settlement was paid out through payroll so wouldn't show up so tell them these allegations are moving through congress and other institutions media obviously wild president donald trump sits in the white house of man a candidate who was recorded as saying if you're famous you can kiss women you can grab 'em they just let you seventeen women made a whole lot of allegations against donald trump do you think his election is bulking the broader public outrage over sexual harassment that we're seeing rachel that is a very big question one that i don't think any of us can truly answer but i think that there is clearly a moment that is happening in our culture you know when when bill clinton ran for president he was accused of various things with women and and the default was to question the women that that you.

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