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Experts in the industry to improve your odds in the field. Pursue, the hunt was founded on bringing a well rounded approach to hunting from offseason prep to packing up your trophy, we pursue the whole hunt. Everybody and welcome back to another episode pursue the hunt podcast channel today, and if you're watching, we're on the pursue the hunt live on our youtube channel as well. We'd like to thank everybody for joining us today and before we get too much into, it just like to thank our sponsors piece vail meat shop, and as well. Eagle Vision video productions. So today. We are going to be talking about spot in stock strategies. And specifically, we're going to be talking about mule deer spot in stock. So I'd like to just cover a little bit about that today and Yeah just keeping it simple and we'll talk about agricultural fields talking about coolies and we're gonNA talk about tree stand hunting. So we'll be relating to our ability to hunt mule deer in B. C.. So we talked a little bit about Bo season and rifle season maybe some differences and some specifics when it comes to strategy to planning your hunt. So without further ADO. Let's get into it here. So the first one that we are going to talk about today is the. agricultural location. So this would be if your hunting mule deer in a field are primarily of course, we want to make sure we have permission to hunt on that field. and. So one of the most important things regardless of location weapon choice clothing choice. Spun Stock Strategy All that stuff is making sure. that. You have scouted and or glassed previous hunting mule deer like to travel. And so understanding mule deer patterns getting out there a few weeks ahead of time to a specific spot is going to be really important and so understanding boxer in the area, how many does are in the area depending if you're hunting rot for us, our bow season is well before rod in September and so they'll have different feeding patterns. And they might be still in bachelor groups versus chasing does. So these are some of the things that come really handy when you're doing your scouting and your pre work and I've always been a man of the philosophy that if you put in the time before the hunt, the the hunt is usually more enjoyable and it's also usually more successful. So put in your pre work get out there if you have permission walk the walk the perimeter specially if at borderlines a Cooley or creek find out where the trails are coming into the field and and get a lay of the land is really important and then start getting out there early mornings and evenings and just. Scout the area counting animals. See if you can find different box in the area which ones are mature, which ones are growers and just kind of..

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