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The doug bike here may one of the best song then recorded says me goal saw he could sing that into the iso a girl teenage girl and melting smelter heart loans you could carry tune kind of reckitt if he can then you just let the song belie all right so not for me and just lip sync it this maldic oh who fell seven one three two one two five seven nine i need to go in check email had been a couple of them come in there chad he's on it it will we'll talk to him chad hedrich at eight o'clock this morning all joe black waiting and wondering why all of a sudden i'm not saying baffin bay rod and gun club dot com anymore because sally kind of scolded me last week i would have sworn and it's their place so of course i'm going to defer to them for the correct answer out of sworn that at some point in time they told me be sure to say baben bay rotting gun club dot com and maybe i just maybe that was just a little voice in my head a pretty sure it was now because sally in our and mostly win sally ann arbor you're in the same room talking saleh's doing most of the talking in aubrey nods is smart man so yeah she's she's got it down she understand she knows the right answers kind of like my wife and she emphasized that it's baffin bay rotting nut she said were not a club or not a club or baffin bay rod and gun so that's what it is joe i lifted off deliberately a semi son down the hall to pick off twin.

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