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It is weird though to see you're right. I mean, the navy at home is just it's just kind of weird you're so used to seeing the Cowboys at home rocking the home whites. But so the titans have new uniforms in general new helmets and whatnot. This just kind of a weird looking game. But the titans bring with them Marcus mariota who the Cowboys have not faced yet in the NFL. They bring Derrick Henry certainly formidable running back who hasn't really. Done a whole hell of a lot this season for the titans. They do bring Dion Lewis. And that's where I wanna start because I think Dion Lewis, you know, we talked about this back when we talked about the lions game. I was nervous about THEO Riddick. I think he was part of my bold prediction that week. I thought the Riddick would would have something like a forty yard gain in the fourth quarter, something that was wrong. Thank god. But I think Dion Lewis is the guy that you know, you got to be concerned about if you're the Dallas Cowboys because he can certainly kill you in space. Yeah. And that's that's the I guess my key players in this matchup. Derrick Henry is this the big running back. But if you look at what they've done this your offense. They're kind of they're exactly like the Cowboys. They really haven't got anything on you know, going thirty I in total offense in the National Football League. But if you start doing the forensic part of it and you look at. Dion Dion Lewis and two hundred seventy seven yards rushing. But not all not only that they use them. Really well as a guy as you just mentioned in spaces that receiver and Heathrow in Marcus mariota. His he hasn't been very impressive this year strong of just over thousands yards. But again, he's a dual threat quarterback. And the combination him the capable of being able to Ron and Dan Lewis. I think that that's something you have to really really really keep in check because you don't want solely. No want someone like that just to explode on Monday night football. But yeah, I mean the combination of Derrick Henry Dion Lewis and Marcus mariota as far as being able to use his legs and Ron bleed he has whereabouts hundred eighty five yard eighty-five yards rushing. Creates problems for any team or any defense you're gonna up against because as you looked in the National Football League. And look at the Dallas. I mean, they like every other defense in the National Football League struggle with a dole threat quarterback and Marcus mariota can can really hurt you if you just really get a little careless, and they'll think about what he can do with his legs. You know? I think this has the potential to be an I'm I hope I'm wrong, but this has the potential to be a really gross game. We're gonna get LSU bam on Saturday. And you know, maybe that all end up the to a whole element changes things a bit. But you think LSU LSU Obama, you think of like nine to three you're not I mean, and this has not not this year, right? My point is that's that's what your brain. Gus exactly. Exactly, I know. I know. And I think this has not in an LLC Obama way. But this has the potential to kind of be like that because you have two quarterbacks at kind of still trying to find their footing on the season. You have to run games that are sort of interesting. But haven't really caught fire you have to defense's that are kind of Q, obviously, the Cowboys are a little bit cuter. And so this kind of feels like, you know, I think we could see like eight consecutive punts back to back to back to back. You know, something I thought was interesting Jim wide who covers the titans had a tweet on Thursday morning. He just was a few stats, but he's at the Cowboys are allowing opponents to score seventeen point six points per game..

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