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I thought you betty is bevy is that she is a truce. She is the truth. Make sure to go out there and get better relations and you know. I think there's a lot of revelations that i hope you while listening because it's definitely you know the conversation dovetails but ultimately you're trying to use your wisdom to look at other situations that may also eventually relate to you right and so that's how you end up talking about things like meghan markle and lil boosie et cetera et cetera et cetera. But when it comes down to it there really is a movement that happened over the summer. Where i feel like a lot of us had to find wisdom and that time that she said she went through at thirty three a lot of us went through during twenty twenty where we were forced to go internal and synthesize in real time in a way that we just never chose to or never even had time to force to and So i think a lot of us crossed over to wisdom. And i think it's it's it's great for aspects also an excessively because in the code of it all. We have lost so many elders and the elderly were on wisdom base. You know they were those who have been here long enough to look at things from a bird's eye view in a way that recently as betty says the beginning of the interview she grew up with history and so a lot of us. Our history that we grew up with has has gone on to the other side over this last year and so it is time for a new space of wisdom to open up and for folks to step into that in a hole and really purposeful way an intentional way. So thank you the bevy smith for joining us and you know i wish all of you all say journey so yeah we is not to be conscious of the fact that not everybody says they wise got wisdom. Some of them is actually just pulling the wool over your podcast network..

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