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Will be today. There are countless more examples of problems with people getting access tests all across the country including in my home state of Florida. We need to have someone in charge of making sure that as many people as possible across this country have access to getting tested as soon as possible. Who is that person is it you? Is that the vice president. Can you give us the name of who can guarantee that anyone but especially healthcare workers who needs to be tested? Camby truck just to be clear like that's a that's a real honest direct question. Right who do they need to go to? Who is in charge of this right and this is the director of the CDC understand and this is maybe exactly why. He's no longer here rather in public. I explain to congressmen grains of from the CDC Perspective Account asking for a name who is in charge of making sure that people who needs to get tested who are indicated. Detested can get a test. I was trying to say that the responsibility that I have at. Cdc As make sure all public health labs and they can make the judgment on how they want to use it. They're referencing rape so there right so again. It's the same thing she was just saying so we have their available. They have to come get them and then over there saying well. They don't have any tests so we can get them right. Is this rigmarole at the same thing. And it's a way to to chuck the blame onto somebody else right. This is irresponsible this is. This is a way this is either them actively trying not to get these tests done or actual just incompetence. I think we all know. They're pretty incompetent a lot of ways but I feel like this is actually just them trying to drag their feet on purpose. I really do referencing. People who have been advised to detested to do and they've been turned down and they can make the that The responsibility that I have at CDC as make sure all the public health laps and they can make the judgment on how they WANNA use it but they're referencing people who have been advised to be tested to do and they've been turned down. So is it you as I said. I'm going to look into the specific for for naming my time. Basically you seem to be saying because you can't name anyone specifically that there's no one specifically in charge that we can count on to make sure that people need to be tested healthcare workers or anyone else. There's not one person that can ensure that these tests can be administered. Yes or no the answer. The answer is yes. That's the truth and this is why he gets angry and passes it off to Dr Voucher. You're the things he sees the impact you and and he answers any answers honestly and you'll see he says yeah you don't have it. We're not ready. We're not prepared. The three cents paraphrasing anyway. My colleague that can charge that we can count on to make sure that people who need to be tested healthcare workers or anyone else. There's not one person that can ensure that these tests can be administered. Yes or no. My colleague is looking at go attack so I do have another question so I if we can get over the system. The system does not is not really geared to what we need right now. What you are asking for that is a failing and yes. It is a family. During the fact is the way the system was set up is that the public health component. Dr Of that that Doctor Redfield was talking about was a system where you put it out there in the public and a physician asks for it and you get the idea of anybody getting easily. The way people in other countries doing it. We're not set off of that. Do I think we should be yes? But we're not okay. That's really disturbing at the information. It is disturbing guys I mean. Do you realize what he's saying right there? I mean that's exactly what we're dealing with right now. We are not prepared. We don't have the system in place to fight at the way that every other country is doing so right. And so here's the point as opposed to just changing that we would waiting. We'VE BEEN WAITING. Two months have gone by. We've been dealing with this arguing and claiming and giving excuses and saying it's their fault. No it's their fall. Oh at the. Cdc's full no it's Obama's fault right. It's China's fault for not telling us that's what's been happening this whole time. Meanwhile here's the answer right in front of you guys that they're not prepared that the system is not set up to do what needs to be done. And that's why I mean look at. Dr Redfield is just angry. Like you know what's interesting is. I think that that's what you get you. Get the person like redfield that. If I'm saying his name correctly I believe it was redfield director. Who is just a? He's a career guy. Man You can tell and he does not like having to go through this right you could tell and so instead of having to say the answer is yes. You're correct. Miss Angry Wasserman Schultz. That we don't have this prepared. He just brushes off onto faculty and he has to answer and then he has to say yes. It's a failing because it seems to me. That guy is moderately honest. Even though I believe he's still caught up in the same lies manipulation dissolved the Mar- vouchers. Seems to me like one of these guys. That's being put up the face as just an normal guy and he is kind of a physician guy or maybe he's just a really good at pretending like he's normal. I don't know but the end of the day what he is doing. Admitting this is a failure we have failed and we're not set up like every other country is to be able to. You know why that is because they need the middleman there to profit from. They need to be able to facilitate the flow of the medicine. Tecate just treat people and make them better a rather make them sicker in our system as it were but they can't just do that they need to be able to facilitate make another step and cause another problem in difficult and more costly. That's what this is about. The system is bleeding you dry and they couldn't just stop that two months ago when they quickly realized that was the case no no. They didn't want to test or they just wanted to make money while you suffered either way. It is alarming and I hate to agree with someone who's horrible as her but I agree and it's crazy it's absolutely crazy. And even he is saying it's a failing and yet trump will stand up here and pretend that we're doing great and everything's fantastic again guys. I'm not trying to freak people out. I think you're grown up enough to be able to recognize the truth and be able to accept the truth not to be given not even flower realized begin like unsettling obviously fake lies and then B.'s. Left in the open with nothing to decide. You deserve the truth right. You're smart individual. The deserve the truth. I'm this is what anybody would be telling you. That actually has an honest interest in bringing you factual information but you get people like the government and the media that they use and they're actively not doing so standing up and saying we're doing great and everything's great in the world counts on us and how dare you tell them. They're not doing great crazy. Absolutely crazy guys and this just never ends. You remember this one. I'm sure the you know the ventilator fiasco let's watch both of these two. This is the other this is another lady on. What's her name? Sima Virga or something like that. I'm try remember all these New People's names but she is part of the task. Force in regard to Medicaid and all the different things in health care telehealth and all that she was asked twice. Not just this one time but twice about ventilators and twice. She refused to answer the question. The only reason you would do on I'm blind. It's right in front of me. Seema Verma is what it was right there now. Only reason you would do that is if you knew you didn't have what you needed. And you didn't want to admit that or you wanted people to be uncertain. I just I can't personally see another option you told me and I think it's a very important point to make but before we let you go one more time are are. They're going to be people in this country who don't get a ventilator if they need one. Are you concerned that the actual physical equipment that is needed to serve? The people who will get sick is out there. Can you reassure everyone tonight that there is no shortage of of ventilators or ICU? Units? And that's why the president has taken such a bold and decisive. Just stop it there. That's it right. You can even see the look. Look at the look on her face on Fox News. She and that's why trump was so great at what he did like you. Just there was a very clear question right. Do we have enough. And are we run out? And that's why trump did such a good job like it's that was really I mean. Honestly that was really bad. It was so disjointed. It was very obvious. And that's why she's not a politician. But that's that's ridiculous but you could have argued. Maybe she didn't hear correctly right. Well here's Tucker to follow same question..

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