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Slash radio certified operating Virginia by chef welcome in this early Wednesday morning lunch with us here at W. T. O. P. it's four twenty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks right here's the situation sixty sixties down the ramp to the interludes the beltway that ramp is blocked as a result of that action of offering an overturned tractor trailer this debris spill and a fuel spill because of the fuel spill in the amount of equipment they needed to get to that deal with this you'll spell I they've also blocked the ramp from the inner loop of the beltway that takes you to the east and west sixty six because of the large number of fire rescue apparatus so if you're running into a little ball you cannot go west or east on sixty six but the three lines of the eneloop remain open if you're eastbound I. sixty six obviously you cannot get to the end of the valley because traffic is stopped on that ramp and it is backing up folks are barely able to get to the rats the adult for this point I don't recommend you going that way however blisters have confirmed if you're eastern on sixty six you can easily get to the access for the interleukin sands in outlook express lanes but again you need to have an easy task to do that said that's the situation that closed these closures are gonna remain in effect for quite some time overnight work on the bay bridge was wrapping up should have the westbound span reopened and works on overnight northbound to seventy approaching route eighty Abana also clear from the roadway rich hundred WTOP traffic also drive start this morning and all the sunshine we're going to get today will come in the very first few hours of the morning clouds are coming back later this afternoon maybe a drop or two of rain but not a really big.

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