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Mcgrady and this is midday on wnyc wnyc dot org the fukushima nuclear disaster the financial crisis and a starbucks social media fiasco may seem completely unrelated but similar reasons explain what led to each failure and if there are reasons common to failures like these there may also be a common set of methods to avoid them former derivatives trader chris cr clearfield and university of toronto business professor andreas till chick is here now they're here now and they examined in their book how increasingly complex systems may fail more and solutions to avoid those failures their book is called meltdown it's published by penguin and i'm very pleased that brings chris chris clearfield and andreas till chick to our show hi hi thanks for having us okay as we discussed we're going to start with a concrete example of disaster that you draw lessons from in the book in one thousand nine hundred eighty six the challenger space shuttle breaks apart in flight and it kills all seven crew members afterward this legendary physicist richard feynman he's examining the causes and he comes across an ominous assessment in a nasa report about safety before the flight happens here's a fourteen second clip of him describing it to an interviewer again and again i saw him looking through this statements this new flight is within our database which just means nothing happened before it's about the same as we did before so it can't be unsafe because it was okay less time and this is this is sort of a a legendary piece of testimony by him firemen compares the kind of thinking he was describing as that of a.

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