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Two six i'm not beef and with marcellus and i'm not bein the whole job rule fifty cent it's marcellus in far them right here on espn la seven ten all right in in lieu of trying to find some more beefs to talk about pacers the lakers tonight in the staples center marcellus outside la live we we have the liquor rule stop buys at hello to you yet uh no they norma clipper fan we had our altercation a couple of years ago liquor girls an we had a dance off i want could replayed the lakers they've been stayed away from the ever since so heyliger girls either way either way fee it's a real thing on they'll likely now that's that's that's wrong the lakers play host to the pacers tonight pacers lost but the way last night as back to back for the pacers lakers will be uh outmanned tonight to given the fact is mike trudell was talking about earlier that you know kcp no lonzo ball which is known kyle coups is expected to play as well as julius randle so we'll see if the lakers can do something they haven't done all year and that's win without lonzo ball in i'll be very honest with you my hopes are very high for the lakers tonight no they're not and itself fortunate you catch a team on a second of back to backs typically that goes in your favour but was undermining their confidence is the fact that they have found the flow of pace that they could play at successfully when laws those on the side and that's something you have to find if if you're a young team you gotta find a plan b but that's would a veteran team uses against young team that they're still trying to figure out a plan a and they don't know how to confident league goal to their plan b so no laws though it may be no brandini room they said there may be game tom decision getting ugly for the lakers runner total acres countdown will begin at six pm right here on espn la seven ten they'll get you all the information you know on the injuries and who isn't who is not actually going to be suiting up for the lakers tonight but other news that took place tom brady his hand hand gay glove gate whatever you want to call it willie play this weekend or.

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