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Well it's good. They don't act like season. One never happened seeing as it happened on a different station right which we talked talked about their certain Maxwell Lord Lucy two things just kind of fell to the wayside never mentioned game even Even General Lane. He hasn't been back either. Yeah right so set. Just just a Muss callback. While they're they're searching they find and whereas the title of the play that they find so they run the eaglets take off with Jan.. Yeah she was like she was like a robot. Doc cyborg or something. I don't know what was going on. Because she kept like repeating herself like she got audio got stuck on a loop or something right it. That's right where my head was like. Is this what what what. What is this what what's going on? They did explain something about the Alien who back in the fair episode. Who could Separate separate himself that The longer the longer he was separated like the dumber The less stable stable. I suppose the other versions of him would become so which is interesting because it brings up that they were like lex and Ms Test Monitor. Were like extracting alien powers and apparently have found a way to to give people alien powers because he he gave Eve test macher the power to multiply herself right. And that's and I liked the fact that this whole season Kinda inlex in the background. It's a very lex luther thing.

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