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Was the last day for the rest of the week that we had seasonable summer temperatures. We get hotter tomorrow with extreme heat starting Thursday and lasting through Saturday. An excessive heat warning is in effect for the low desert, with temperatures ranging from 115 to 120 degrees. Anthony Honest NBC for thankfully right now in Newport, it is 66 is 73 in Braila, 64 in Hawthorne and 72 in Glendale. We lead local live from the cave by 24 hour news room. I'm Jean Brad the mouth if I am supporting Don Michele Mark Thompson is here. And he's on the big talker in San Francisco every day until noon, the blowtorch of northern California Tim KGO radio and Look, I know you don't want to talk about this. And in a U. S B not to talk about it. But I'm going to disappoint you here because it's important in this business that if you don't talk about it, somebody does. Since you been in San Francisco, you've almost tripled your ratings. Yeah, actually, five times I should mention. I just want to see if you correct. It was sucking me into the hole and shit. All right, So so you you had, like an average When you started there of 50,000 people listening a day now it's a 250,000 during the day. That's incredible, man. We've had a great It's really been great. I mean, I have to say, though, it's such a drag to have, you know, Coben 19. Having so many advertisers from a business standpoint aren't available because you're just worried. You know, for them to make ends meet, you know, like Esso. It's Ah, but to your point, it's been great. I loved it and And I told you this before, and I'm just now because I started the thought. I'll just finish it. I mean, you're just your energy. The fun that you have on this show is something I always try to carry with me and my my Sean kgo. I really do very nice of you, young man, but it's impossible to do them. No, but it's nice to do it a two man show. I mean, if you ever lost your job up there, unwelcome here five nights a week, I pay out of my own pocket. Easy, buddy. Easy. But anyway, so you know the cove. It is still, you know, it's it's out there. It's aggressive. And, you know, we know some people. I know some people now who have it, You know, for longest time, I don't know anybody that had it. I knew one guy. One guy who's a friend of mine for the last 20 years or so probably text him or talk to him. You know, 345 times a week and he got it. Wow. And he said it was a tremendous Very scary a lot of pain and you never know if you're going to make it, you know. Wow, I have to say, I think that last thing that you said is the aunt I've read it and other accounts. I don't know any personal accounts of it, but that Not knowing whether you're gonna make it is what you said. And even if you're going to make it like not knowing exactly even whatthe short term course will be. In other words, whether you'll be hospitalized. We will have to be on a ventilator. How long it's going to take these air things. And you know the A downward turn can be so sudden. These are things that create like an extra layer of anxiety when you get it. Oh, yes, I think it's scary. Absolutely. And I think the second thing that's on everybody's mind outside. A Koven is how they're going to pull off the Emmys this year. Oh, yeah. You mean the zoom, ese? Oh, the zoom. He's either gonna do it virtually. I mean, it is not what we do. Now, let's find out how we're gonna get the zoom ease. This year Mourning for Hollywood nominations were announced for the 72nd Any awards and the HBO series watchman leads the nods with 26 so therefore by the watchman And he's a really girl. You know, I don't care about superheroes. I don't care about any of that stuff, and this is one of the most incredible pieces of of cinema. I'll say I've ever seen. Really? It's incredible. And I'm not a fan of the genre. What is the other show that has to do with like Indian casinos and cowboys? What was that show that I think it's on either Amazon or Netflix. I don't know. Somebody was telling me about a show that was that was very good. I will find out the name of it. But this thing, this thing is called one and the HBO series watchman laid watchman the watchman. It was a movie of very highly stylized movie. I don't know, maybe what, 10 15 years ago and this is the Siri's, and it's just It's It's very Twilight Zone E. It's It's supposed to be just a little bit in the future, and it's based in Oklahoma and the cops cover their faces. And so these sort of vigilantes cover their faces. And then there's these, You know, sort of people who take on The superhero rolls to kind of keep the peace and it's very, very compelling. And it's on HBO. It's on HBO and has a SciFi element. It was I was shocked at how much I loved it. Okay. The show is thing of his yellow stone. I don't know that one You've never heard of him? No. Mark? No. Oh, my God, man, the people it's Kevin Costner is in him. And he said everyone that watches the show instantly gets addicted to it. It's called Yellowstone Can't wait. Yeah, And while you don't have to, it's out, you might wanna wait till you get home. But apart from that you don't need to wait. It's ah drama Siri's created by Taylor Sheridan. And John Lindsay him and premiered in June of 2018. So it's not new on the Paramount Network. It's always starts Kevin Koster and the serious follows the conflicts along shared borders of large cattle ranch and Indian reservation. Land developers in June 2019 Paramount Network renewed the serious for 1/3 season, which premiered June 21st of 2020 and everybody that watches it..

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