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I on more thing that i really wanted to talk about Onlyfans let's get into it. Please give us your guys are like. This has been a quarantined discovery for me. Yeah same and probably ending. I dialed it back. I think i'm falling. Maybe two or three people now clubs at the beginning. I was just like i'll give me but then that's not sustainable. No but i think it adds up. This is not a rabbit hole. Really it makes porn look like steven spielberg production. Like yes you know. It is the most like it's so like it. How would you describe it. Like it's like the angles and like the everyone has a high def camera right in their hand in their pocket and people have really learned how to use them is they have And certainly in quarantine people have had plenty of time and they've also perfected how to give good before. I don't know it's it's like kind of blown my mind and it's like the only place that go for porno. It feels a little voyeuristic. Which i like. But they're in on it so you don't have to feel bad but it doesn't yeah. It doesn't feel like a production. Feels like sex youtubers. Yeah but they're making like people are making a ton of money on there and like becoming like this one guy. I think i don't know what they're called performer. I guess on onlyfans I've seen. I've watched his journey on his only fans and also like his real instagram account. And it's like. I just moved into a new apartment. Like it's very clear it's like you that yeah exactly i love the we we we had sort of like button things up with this beautiful story about your wedding and then it was like oh coda. Let's let's discuss. Let's get into high end amateur porn medium. It's interesting you know the thing that's going to happen to the like the porn industry is dead. Obviously there was like x. tube and all that sort of stuff but now people are monitored like people again. Everyone has a high def camera and like a fry especially in la like a friend who knows how to take a good video or anything. We're industry is evolving. I guess porno through is evolving. And it's not it's it's all body types at age groups and you know it's not strictly young hairless guys with house. John gordon stereotypical bear thing. It's like there's a spectrum and it's just kind of regular people living their lives. Yeah it's like there's something for everyone. My mom says like every pot has its lit right or something like that right. Yeah i like i'm i to. You'll have with your husband. Yes we have been known to watch it together I mean like we just also like now that we're married and have a kid like are there's a bit there's a lot more transparency in our finances and So like i think. My spending is under a microscope. In a way that it hadn't been. And you know as dave alluded to it can add up you you can be. It can be anywhere from like seven ninety nine a month to twenty dollars a month and then if you want like and then they'll like. Dm you there's like a dm function like so that the performance that you're following will like send you a special video that you have to unlock for like and people you can charge whatever you want. So it's like fifty dollars for like a photo of like Like a hot guy like after the shower or something. I don't know anyway. I didn't buy that stuff. Yeah it's you can spend a lotta time and a lot of money. He's a lot of money any any names and he users jump out hot. Dacians racking shabas. I don't he is i. He must be. He must be the top performer. The mail like gay male performer. But he is a great place to start is he is seemingly like kind of like he'll introduce a lot of new performers and then kind of shout them out onto the like it's a. It's it's instagram for sex work really. We're like you can shout out other performers. Do a scene with him and then he'll help promote you onto another onto your platform and then you can sort of take that audience and run with it. Yeah yeah wow wow. Wow nick thank you so much. This has been interesting. Asian yes You're the best. please please do this. Again I would be happy to if you guys have to come on. I wouldn't speedy and talk about beauty. Dave i want to hear about more about your hair journey and mad at your skin. Care journey yeah. I would love nothing more love it. Thank you so.

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