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Everybody that was the news with gene grad. I mean people are to be watching videos. High definition does their parents when they're in their twenties fucked up beyond belief. Yeah crazy ash. It's not great. It's not going to be a good look back that up. How how much. How much would we have abused the system youtube twitter whatever we were teenagers thankfully thank. Oh my god derain woodstock instead of everybody reaching out to others who just be all self. Yeah exactly now i. I would have a whole youtube channel just dedicated to my nut sack between probably fourteen. A half and twenty seven hanging with adam corolla we just had. I look if we want to of cardi and somebody left their camera just on the table. It got walked into the bathroom account. You're right back on the table like that was just us with a camera. That was left out. Wasn't even ours guests the dick well first things i of course would have been dead because i would have had someone film me a ride. My bmx bike off a garage. With i would have been dead doing some sort of ill-fated we're dame awaits you some some weird jackass stunt would have me well many years ago so there would be that all right. Let me say about tommy. John paolo.

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