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I sent this to justin the first day i saw this. I mean this has got to be the life right. You put on your stupid face type. You're probably getting paid like ten bucks and you're walking around with this stupid sign that says face coverings required must be masked at all times the only and you couldn't even walk. This is what they told you you. If you're going to eat or drink you had to be stationary while eating or drinking. So you could put down your you could pulled on. Your mass is at forget that. I'm walking around with pretzels. Because i love me. Some pretzels at theme parks pretzels and and soda. I don't care and they're like mask please. i mean oppressed. They'll get off me and so they all these stupid things and this is what. My wife is getting annoyed. Because she's getting pushed around by idiot. Fat fat americans with feng packs looking for sneakers that light up trying to get to their little winds and my wife's like why are they trying to make me wear this mask because i'm going to get kobe because i'm standing here next all these idiots in here breathing in this park and so it kind of just pulls the wool off of it and it was just a real. I opening experience to anybody that says it's all just. It's kabuki theatre. It's buki theater and you shouldn't believe any of it. Yes yes there. There was a message somebody in the chat room. They had this message. That said if you don't comply kick you out the harry potter train between the parks. You couldn't even take your mask off in the train because you are being quote unquote. This is the words that they used. I'm not making this up. You're being actively monitored at all times which of course. I didn't talk by wife or anybody about this because i didn't want them my wife. You know she she She indulges and let's meet you say all this other stuff because a lot of times she's like. Oh that's a good point.

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