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Of what they needed for him to do when all those guys went out but i think the bigger problem jim rises is the offense in general there there's a lot of problems album should this offense fundamentally going back 2014 that when you think about when that could do brought this offense here and why it was brought here uh you know you know the last time they scored thirty points she i don't know i don't think they restarted here they they haven't reached thirty points with ten naqady was head coach johan cough one last game and that's when they scored thirty points so for for the giants right now that's the state of this off at you can talk all you want right now about what they don't have and it's totally true you know look you can make excuses at this offense is lacking top three receivers tonight beckham marshall in shepherd bowl or the roll out how they didn't have pure rich a coup expected to be you know stole four tonnes offensive line they didn't have phuc or tonight but the bottom line is this goes way back i mean it sixteen games in a row in which they they having scored more than twenty four point it's a long time in this off and it's been struggling yeah glad you mentioned that with the oftenstruggling so they had to reach thirty points bed makati was the head coach and even when he became offensive coordinator the struggle that first year in the second year seem like a life well one auto but a lot of that to be frank was a defense that was bad in the giants having to throw the ball and come back and scoring games late we saw joe filmon when he left green bay and our seeing lebedmaskhadov when he left green bay were is bend mack do in a jolt on air it was fools goal because he had arron rogers as quarterback and green bay and everybody so that green bay offense in their eyes lit up by and with all the giants effort they put forth effort tonight they put forth kansas city is john mehra smart enough to realise it doesn't matter how much effort to putting up he's got to make a change and get rid of makati policies you.

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