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In the running for w nba championship. And i enjoyed as always by my guy gave ebrahim. I am christy winters. Scott and we are here to chop it up about the wnba semi-finals and gabe. Oh my gosh. I i had to relive the chicago connecticut game because it was just full of drama from the tip to the final buzzer. It was one of the most incredible games we've seen it was. It's been one of those series right like every year. I think we one series and it usually involves connecticut where a tight every game tight. Everything is decently well played every game has moments at the end where you're questioning a coach or player. Something really. this is what basketball is all about right like you play the game because of these moments big time players show up sometimes. It doesn't go your way. Sometimes it does for chicago's but going way. More than not mildly out to be a time to waste with like social stuff or social media anything on her hoop stats podcast network. Let's get into christie. How this guy pull this off. Because i really didn't at any point see common. How did at the end of the game will. They accelerating right in terms of their offensive production. Quarter-by-quarter chicago just found a way to manufacture offense against a stout connecticut. Defending this is one of the better or defensive teams in the league third in steals. I mean they were just incredible coming out of the regular season in that regard which is why they have the number one seed but when you look at what chicago was able to do only seventeen points in that first quarter and then twenty and then twenty three and then twenty six. I mean that is what i'm talking about. I mean they've progressively made it happen. They got to the glass. And i think the board work was the x-factor in this game for the chicago sky because they could get it and go that that was crazy to me. The boards like they won the battle on the boards against this connecticut. Some team. that's that's that's crazy because this is one of the better off rebounding teams we've ever seen but it's also crazy because you know the personnel when you look at it it doesn't necessarily suggest that chicago would be able to gain that advantage. I wanna shout out. We should get into like last five minutes. Good that's crucial. But i wanna as race evens plus sixteen in thirty one in thirty six minutes so she played thirty six plus sixteen and the team won by two points so she was a huge factor. Seven offensive rebounds eleven total rebounds shoe all over the place. I think assery was really huge difference in this game and just that matchup chicago. Winning that match up has given them a huge boost here because she's taken out brianna jones. She's coverage oncle jones So having assery this healthy and fully prepare for this moment. I think has been one of the biggest differences before we get to the end of the game. Which is where chicago is winning. I mean no question. Stevens is phenomenal. Herber stability is has just been what chicago has needed. I mean it takes a lot of pressure off. Candace parker that regard defensively although she has been magnificent game three as well. But when you're looking at chicago when you're talking about taking pressure off players how 'bout collie at copper taking pressure off of allie quigley. Being another score for them. I mean twenty six points a career playoff high for copper. She has just been spectacular with what she has been able to do to lift this team. And you're talking about two or three point game the end and you look at what copper did throughout the contests. Not just on the offense. Obviously it was phenomenal but on the defensive end as well but a lot of pressure taken off valley quickly in that regard just her ability to put pressure on the defense and against a team like connecticut who led the league and phil percentage defense points permitted for opponents all throughout the regular season. But here she is going off in this day and really bringing the energy to the building for the chicago sky man. She was just outstanding and so much fun to watch. This was the vision you know. I said this about new york when we were talking about new york like when you see a team they start to put together and you start to see like okay. This is what we thought was going to happen in free agency. This is the reason all of these players are on this team so that they can play games like this where it's like okay. The defense is selling out to stop at allie quigley. Who still had a big game. Mind you defense is selling out to stop candace parker roll into the Selling out to shutdown According vanishes passing lane. Who guess what. You're leaving clear copper. Open right leading as ray stevens gets to the glass. You're letting diamond the shields get out and run and hit transition buckets against steals at huge plays and she only played eleven minutes but she had a big impact so this was the idea behind. Bring candace parker here with this exact team to me like this. This was the vision that james had and it came together beautifully about really though like really it was about the last five minutes ads. I wanna talk about that. That's been the difference in the series right in game. One chicago on those last five minutes in game in game. Two connecticut made those last five minutes realm by getting a little bit of a lead bear going in and then they were able to execute enough. Even the chicago style was minutes away. Then you get to this game and they dominate. They dominated the fourth quarter of this game. The wanna fifteen to run to take the lead and it was just the you could tell. There was a composure advantage. Her chicago which is surprising. It surprising not right like they have bandaged cans parker but look at. This has been together for years. They've been in this exact situation together for like three years now. So i mean if you want to try to guess as to why chicago had this amazing level composure. Not just like okay. they were composing. They made the place no. They showed up and answered the bell every single time. Like is that all candace. Parker is at all coaching Where you think that's coming from. I think he's a little bit of both. Obviously i think with candace park on the floor. You give your self a chance away at a high level. And she's done it before and she's looking to do it again in her hometown and when she won the championship in twenty sixteen right in la she said that the x factor in that game was or in that series to win. It was bored work. And you're looking at this. Connecticut team gave that had twenty minutes shots in the first half alone in only one offensive. Rebound. that's controlling. the glass said it's not about the number you could look at the overall. Its own all but again. It's all about percentage and that's not a good enough percentage for connecticut to win.

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