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A work day for a lot of us. BBC's Drew Mulholland. Always working hard cut up with some morning commuters in Medford. I'm off to my my job, okay? And how was your ride? And you came in from Stone to me? Said Yes. And it was kind of slippery. Did the plows do their job Would you say are usually the roads and Maldon? Aren't that good? But it was It was okay. You know, on a scale of 1 to 10, how difficult was it to get in 10 being the worst five? All right. Kind of an average drive in that I got you. All right. Well, have a good day at work. Thank you. You, too. Drew Mohammed WBZ. Boston's news radio. Thank you woke her up there drew also an icy rescue on the National River. This happened during yesterday's storm. Around four. In the afternoon along Canal Street in Nashua, New Hampshire, Police got a call of a man standing on the ice, trying to break it with a large branch. Well, they call them off the ice, but he refused and seemed very distressed. Rescue crews ventured out onto the thin ice to try toe. Grab him save him, But he started to back away. The ice broke and they all fell through the ice and a needy by seawater. Luckily everybody okay, though police and firefighters were treated on scene. Which vaccine should you try to take? Doctors say anyone you could get your hands on Dr. Mark your whack over based a medical center served on the governor's task force for the pandemic, he says There's far too much talk among the national media about people getting a 95% successful vaccine, as opposed to a 75% successful vaccine. Let's say you have the The opportunity to get a covert vaccine that was 70% effective. Would you want to wait two months to get the 95% effective one and risk getting covert. In the meantime, I don't.

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