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NFL east. The off. They welcome. The White Sox to the stadium tonight coverage here on the fan getting underway at six twenty five. On the scoreboard National League the reds five nothing over the Marlins. The cubs to nothing on the pirates. The cardinals outscore the dodgers eleven seven the Padres. Shaded the Diamondbacks. Seventy six of the giants with a one nothing win over the Rockies. American League Red Sox seventy six over the Blue Jays, Rafael Devers, walk off single. The as knocked off the Orioles eight to five Indians four nothing on the Tigers. Shane Bieber seven innings of scoreless. Three hit ball thirteen into the seventy six ten victory at Kansas City, half the first round of the masters. It's Brooks kept and Bryson to Shambo tied atop the leaderboard at six far. Phil Mickelson is just one shot behind Dustin Johnson Poulter trail by two and Tiger Woods in the picture. Eleventh place four off the lead to under bar. The jets on former Packers ravens running back time. Montgomery three more NHL playoff series. Opener's the capitals four. Winners over the hurricanes the Maple Leafs. One in Boston over the Bruins four to one and in Calgary the flames easily over the avalanche four to nothing tonight game two islanders penguins at the Coliseum. A seven thirty start. He catch it on the hockey debt work on radio dot com and at WFAN dot com. NBA coach Dave Yeager out after three seasons with the kings the grizzlies dismissed head coach gave Bickerstaff Larry drew will not be returning as coach Cavaliers with reports. Every twenty minutes, I'm Harris, Allen WFAN twenty twenty sports. It's the first of.

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