Contact in the Desert brings search for extraterrestrials to Indian Wells


That water really fast well that is the scenario for ice sheet collapsed in article you know i've come back from two separate trips to antarctica over the last two years and we're looking at deep time events of the climate down there but you can't help but notice what's going on all around you it was melting like crazy when you have you have both kinds of ice down there he's got floating ice which again if that melt doesn't matter but you've also got all this ice on land when it melts goes down to the ice rock contact of course and that access the mover can so when you have really a novelist warming stuff that is on the edge of this can calve off into the ocean that causes great global change in terms of sea level right okay and talking about sea level rise doesn't the heating of the earth itself caused expansion of warm water which causes the sea level to rise just the sheer fact that the earth is warming up this year does it matter of fact if we stopped all emissions right now we just went completely emissionneutral the ocean is still going to rise in this level because of thermal expansion there's been so much warming already that the ocean has the lag effect but over the next forty fifty years we can expect nearly three footsie level rise if based on the temperatures that we have now and to continued war the thermal expansion noise at all okay three foot rise without any ice and i guess for every one foot vertical that you'll lose how much horizontal seacoast do you lose the sea coast itself is is affected more strongly by storm surge i think a storm surge equivalent to going off a diving board you jump off a diving board given height but if you a couple of times you go way higher this is if you have a launching platform as sea level rises the storm surge which the nasty big waves that rise higher than normal sea level can hit coast but the side sideways movement of the ocean is far more serious than terms of what it's salt salt goes laterally quite easily and depending on the type of soil it is the salad ization of sea level crops that i think is the greatest single danger from sea level rise it's just it's stunning how much of the.

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