Joshua Holt, American jailed in Venezuela, arrives in U.S.


Clouds there will be a touch of rain and drizzle from time to time our temperatures mostly in the fifties that down considerably from yesterday tonight mostly cloudy low fifty then for tomorrow memorial day expected damp start on the cape elsewhere not as chilly clouds may break for some afternoon sun high sixty three tuesday sunny and becoming warmer high eighty wednesday not quite as warm but there will be a fair amount of sun high seventy one arm accuweather meteorologist carl babinski wbz newsradio ten thirty right now it's looking mostly cloudy fifty five degrees here in boston a utah man held in a venezuelan prison for two years is back home president trump greeted joshua holt and his family at the white house last night following the man's released from the prison there president highlighted whole tenacity for being able to get through being held prisoner in venezuela tough one tough tough situation president trump also praised the work done by utah senator orrin hatch and representative me a love for their ongoing efforts in securing holtz release hold was a mormon missionary when he was held and weapons charges since two thousand sixteen president trump also took some time to tell the number of hostages released since he has taken office an unwelcome guests is coming.

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