Brazil president Michel Temer hopes measures will end crippling strike


Of wildlife a report from fish and wildlife officials says enormous levels of invasive plants like cheat grass have been found on nearly a hundred sixty thousand square miles of public and private lands and they're spreading that elevates the risk for giant range land wildfires it also puts lots of wildlife in jeopardy including endangered species like the sage grouse added to that the report says there's no immediate solution i'm jan johnson one hundred second running of the indianapolis five hundred is this afternoon at indianapolis motor speedway it will be the final race of danika patrick's career the two hundred lap race begins just after noon eastern time i'm christopher cruise and i'm mark mills in the bloomberg radio newsroom president donald trump said the us would allow chinese telecommunications equipment maker e corporation to remain in business after paying a one point three billion dollar fine changing management and the board and providing high level security guarantees lawmakers in both parties have expressed concern over his decision to soften and earlier us action against e over what commerce secretary wilbur ross called a grievous violations of sanctions on iran and north korea brazil's crippling nationwide trucker's strike is into its sixth day road blockages are starting to wind down after the government deployed armed forces to break up hundreds of truck blockades and a key drivers association asked its members to back down brazil is experiencing shortages of food fuel medicines and chemicals to treat drinking water president trump signed an executive order restricting the activities of unions that represent many of the government's two point one million employees bloomberg's nathan hager reports president trump has signed three executive orders one cuts the length of performance review periods when poor performing feds can't be fired to thirty days right now those periods can range from sixty to one hundred twenty days the second order directs agencies to renegotiate union contracts and the third requires feds to spend no more than twenty five percent of their work time on union matters the trump administration also plans to start charging unions rent for using office space.

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