John Boehner says 'There is no Republican Party. There's a Trump party'


He you says it will retaliate cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger the problem that many consumer advocates see is that these tariffs could increase costs for consumers because the cost of the stuff they buy could rise as a result of the tariffs after pardoning controversial conservative pundit president trump says he may pardon some former apprentice contestant cbs's paula reed reports president trump granted his fifth part in this morning tweeting we will be giving a full pardon to d nash desouza today he was treated very unfairly by our government the high profile conservative filmmaker and author pleaded guilty in two thousand fourteen to arranging illegal campaign contributions desouza has said his prosecution was politically motivated i've gone through shale mr trump also said he is thinking about pardoning martha stewart who is convicted of lying to investigators about a stock trade and commuting former illinois governor rod blagojevich is fourteen year sentence for attempting to sell an appointment to the senate seat vacated by president obama former house speaker john boehner suggests he's a man without a party cbs as bill rakoff with more bainer was taking part in a question and answer session this morning at a conference on mackinac island michigan but i wanna talk to you about what's happened with the republican party there isn't a republican party there's a trump party republican party has got to take a nap somewhere the former speaker went on to say that if you peel away all the noise surrounding the president including his tweets the things he's doing are in banners words really good things bill rakoff cbs news another big settlement in the catholic church sex abuse scandal the archdiocese of saint paul and minneapolis will pay two hundred and ten million dollars to four hundred and fifty victims of sex abuse by the clergy jim keenan is a survivor it's a triumph it is it's an absolute triumph i realized that the work is not done there's lots to work done around the world the settlement was announced as part of the archdiocese plan for bankruptcy the amount to be paid to each survivor.

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