U.S. Commerce Secretary, Chinese Vice Premier set for Sunday talks amid trade row



So the economic impact is is at best it's marginal benefit from protectionism at worst you really you're kinda shooting yourself in the foot vivian salama commerce secretary ross is heading to china what can we expect from that visit well obviously they they intend to continue the toxicity if there they can make any headway on this dispute something that commerce secretary ross has said in the last couple of days with regard to tariffs you know to all the allies is not you know they're going to go ahead with the tariffs and then we can continue negotiating after that they really wanna show that they are not bluffing when they say that they threatened with tariffs but they are open to the idea of continuing talks with the chinese in particular you know the there are some serious issues that are still on the table with regard to the range of export controls barring china's access to us technology and other issues the products that they that they intend to tariff on they said they were going to release a list on june fifteenth and so there are some outstanding issues that are obviously going to be discussed you vivian let me stay with you michael ask a question by email that i think i should have asked you earlier michael asked to the allies allow us goods to flow freely into their countries that they already have protections in place against some or all us goods well this is an issue that the trump administration continuously brings up is that some us goods are actually taxed quite high and they don't actually take in as much us goods as the us takes from certain countries especially china in in the case of china that's that's definitely true and so this is an issue that the trump administration definitely is insisting that because of the tariffs they are essentially looking out for america's best interests they're going to create jobs this way they're going to boost gdp this way and essentially help the american people but whether or not that's going to actually translate into real world changes or whether or not goods are going to get more expensive that's the question and we are in a midterm election year and so this is obviously a very critical issue before we close the loop on terrorist and shown comeback to you and.

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